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WaterART Aquatic Fitness Certification
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Shallow & Deep H20 Instructor Certification

There is a growing demand for Certified Instructors ( in fact there is always a shortage). The goal of this program is to teach a person NEW to Aquatic Fitness /Aquafit -everything that they will need to be a successful as an instructor and water fitness leader. Everyone is welcome to beomce an instructor -All we require of you is that you are interested in helping people learn how to benefit with water exercise.

This fitness leadership journey generally takes an instructor through both theory and practical applications. You do not have to be a lifeguard to take the program; however, all certifications require emergency safety training (CPR/First Aid/AED or Lifeguarding) so if you are a lifeguard or have this training you will already have attained the additionally required emeergency safety standards ( which is required  in addition to our Fundamental Leadership Instructor Training Program). 

This Shallow & Deep H20 Instructor foundation program will provide you with a template for blending exercise science with the properties of water to create a safe, balanced and ENJOYABLE program.

This practical course will involve both theory and practical sessions to develop your leadership and technical skills. You may achieve competencies either by completing ONSITE training or via HOME STUDY training OR a combination of the two. There is no perfect way to become a "awesome" instructor;however, the more you learn and practice, the faster you achieve your goals.  Whether you are a swim coach, a land fitness instructor, a personal trainer, a health care provider or an aquatic fitness enthusiast - this program will fast track your skills.

The onsite training course will highlight the information and skills you need to learn through a "HANDS ON, FEET IN" approach. This practical system is the premise of WaterART Fitness Programs. We want you to understand what you are doing and how to communicate it to your participants so they can achieve their personal best. We believe that exercise must be purposeful and our goal is to help the individual perform self-paced exercise. Compared to other programs, we do not have a choreography based approach. Although music may compliment and enhance any program,  we advocate that the instructor allow their participants to move at their own speed and perform their preferred amount of repetitions of the exercise.

You need to become Certified to secure a job at a community center, a private health club,  or condominiums, or school or perhaps even run your own business. We are committed to helping you getting job placement.

Theory & Practical Agenda Covered in Training (either via home study or onsite training)

  •      Understand the benefits of water fitness

  •      What does an instructor need to know to design a safe, effective and enjoyable program

  •       Types of Aquatic Program ( there are many styles of programming & specialty markets)

  •       General Exercise Principles of Exercise Blueprint

  •       Working with the F.I.T.T. principle 

  •       Progressive overload with safe and effective exercise design

  •       BASIC WATERART MOVES  (We physically get up an physically move  so that you may feel all levels of intensity 
         (JOG, ROCK, KICK, JAX, JUMP, SKI, BICYCLE ) You are always guided to move safely and at your personal best whether teaching on deck or in the pool.

  •      Introduction of working and body positions ( shallow & deep H20) 

  •      Understand impact versus intensity ( working positions)

  •       Review of class structure and basic exercise design

  •       Review of Deep Water Movements working and body positions

  •       Safe Deck moves and how to communicate to your clientele

  •       How to teach design and teach a warm up

  •       How to develop 10 movement ideas (not using working positions or travel)for each of the basic moves

  •       Target Training Muscle design for  flexibility, Cardiovascular, Muscle strength, endurance, balance, posture, functional fitness

  •       Principles of Increasing Muscular strength

  •       Review antagonist / agonist

  •       Review of terms: Isometric, isotonic, isokinetic, Repetitions / Sets

  •       Review of Exercise Inventory (pool and classroom)

  •       Review the Beginner Muscles program with noodles. Understand the system of exercise design for muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. Understand muscle progressions and modifications. Every one will teach a major muscle group using good posture. We will review the difference between muscular endurance and flexibility training/exercise.

  • Review of Flexibility Training and how water assists range of motion

  •  Deep Water Program Design and how deep water design is unique to shallow water design

  • Using The Noodle for Program Design for assistance and resistance

  • Fine Tuning your Leadership and Communication Skills

  • Emergency Safety Protocols for the pool ( you do require emergency safety training in addition to this)

  • Review Deep H20 Class Design

  • Review Noodle Workout

Practice Skills and Drills to be covered via Video Tutorials or Onsite Training with a Certified WaterART Master Trainer are:

  • Review Anatomical Position, Basic Anatomy identifying basic joint actions and terminology to be utilized in basic exercise design

  • How to put together a warm up,

  • Design a cardiovascular set

  • Design a Muscle set ( flexibility, strength, balance ) for all major muscle groups

  • Review the design of a Shallow and/or Deep H20 Class Design and team teach the programs with the group.

  • Complete All of the Basic WaterART Moves and personal safety skills

  • Review all of the working positions and how to teach/cue verbally/visually

  • Every candidate teaches warm up, CV set, Muscles set, Warm down (on land or in pool)

  • Review constructive feedback process and adult learning techniques

  • Groups Work: Practice designing 1) Orientation/Buoyancy Warm up, 2) CV Warm Up and 3) CV set/segments, 4) Muscular Conditioning and Flexibility Sets as well as 5) Warm Down and relaxation

  • Review and completion of  theory exam

WaterART may offer (CEC's ) or continuing education credits for other certification bodies including: OFC/FPAO, ICREPS, 
BCRPA,  AEA, ACE. YMCA,  and other NFLA Partners.

If you want to register to an event, please
click here.

If you want to order correspondence, WaterART Instructor Certification (CT001), please
click here.


NOTE: All courses are for INDIVIDUAL USE ONLY.
So each person must purchase their own correspondence course or onsite materials for certification.

All exams  must be completed in your own time within (4 months for ONSITE training) OR (6 monthsfor home study).

To complete Certification:

1. Read a manual and answer the study guide questions (answers are in the back for self- checking).
2. Watch the  DVD (s) 
3. Take the user friendly laminated cards to the pool to practice and reference. ( you need to get in the pool to fully comprehend water fitness applications) 
4. Complete the theory exam; email the answers.
5. Complete a Practical assessment either ONSITE or via video/DVD submission

It is not necessary for the Master Trainer to attend your whole program; you only have to complete the competencies.
Report cards are written for both theory exams and practical assessments. Report cards are emailed to you.

Once you are successful - you will receive an official WaterART Certified E-Diploma, status and online profile recognition.
You will be evaluated on your understanding of the exercise objective, the clarity of instruction and the safety and effectiveness of the exercise.




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