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Certification -How to Complete

The goal of the WaterART Certification program is to provide the highest standard of theoretical, practical and leadership skills to become an excellent Instructor, Trainer or Consultant.
Our programs help students to perform at their personal best with individually designed self paced exercise programming. Certification programs have been developed based on competencies and standards of the fitness and insurance industry. 

An Instructor/Trainer/Consultant must complete either:
a)  WaterART Onsite Training Courses OR  
b)  WaterART Home Study Programs for either 
Water OR Land

Whether you complete home study or onsite education - the system and exam competencies are the same. We provide written report cards for both onsite and home study exams (theory & practical).

You are required to complete both theory & practical assessments.  The exam is always located in the back of the manual and all the criteria for examinations are itemized. You will have 4 months for the ONSITE Instructor Certification program & 6 months to complete all other onsite or home study certifications.  (without a penalty fee) After 4 or 6 months (depending on Certification) you will pay a late fee of $35.00 (+GST in Canada only). After a year you can not submit the exam or will forfeit the training.

At any time, you may
email us your questions.  The written exam may be submitted via emailing the answers OR mailing the exam.  The practical assessment may be completed either by submitting home video/DVD OR completing an onsite assessment with a Master Trainer or qualified assessor.
IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY CERTIFIED OR QUALIFIED WITH WATERART (with any level of Certification) and wish to complete any of the following: Arthritis Instructor, Common Movement Disorder Instructor, Weight Management Instructor, Pre & Post Natal Instructor, Kidz Instructor,  Mind Body Instructor Certification:
You will only have to complete the THEORY (if you Certification is current).
So either email the theory exam answers OR mail the exam prior to your other certification expiring and you will automatically renew your existing level of certification. Therefore, completing this certification automatically renews your existing qualifications for 2 years without paying a renewal fee.  The Candidate must score a grade of 75% on exams to become certified. All re-write of theory exams or re-takes of practical assessments are $35.00 per exam. 
You have  some  options for completing the practical assessment to complete  your Certification.  Note: you should submit this at the same time as THEORY exam (within 4 months for instructor level (onsite) & 6 months for all other exams. There is a  late exam fee of $35.00 ( + GST in Canada) . After a year, we can no longer accept the exams. If you are completing another certification for certification renewal and upgrade – you must submit PRIOR to expiration of your current certification.

The Theory exam may be either

IN CANADA: WaterART Fitness International, 83 Galaxy blvd UNIT 19, TORONTO, M9W 5X6
IN USA: WaterART Fitness International Inc, 210 South 8th Street, Lewiston, NY 14092
Practical Assessments - all candidates have an option to  

 1 ) submit a home video/DVD of your class (the class design is written out as part of the theory exam - we follow it along with your video/DVD submission) see details on exam - yes, in this case you need to complete a full class  (30-60 minutes)  and you are marked based on the .marking system  ( included in manual). 
 2 )   Another option is to complete an ONSITE  practical assessment  OR go to see the MT ( the instructor makes it convenient for the MT) .  In this scenario, the person being assessed by the MT usually takes about  20-30 minutes  / person .  If there are several people in a group- the group of instructors should stay for all of the assessments (as they can learn from others  performance). The goal is to guide the instructor to be to gain valuable competencies.   It is not necessary for the Master Trainer to attend   the  whole program. You just have to complete the competencies  (see below)  
Report cards are then written for both theory & practical’s (and we email the report card to you). BOTH sections must be completed to receive the report card. Once you are successful - you will receive an official WaterART Certified Diploma, status and online profile recognition. 

Practical Onsite  Assessment involves:
Teaching other instructors who attend the assessment date or the Master Trainer. We usually have 3-5 people in a group ; however, we may work with you individually - if the MT is assessing you individually.

The Onsite practical assessment will include: 
a) answering a couple of oral safety questions as well as teach  (specialty modules will apply specific learning from the module)
b)   teaching  a 3-5 minute warm up Teaching    (specialty modules will apply specific learning from the module)
c)  teaching a 3-5 minute Cardio set Teaching   (specialty modules will apply specific learning from the module)
d)  teaching two 3-5 minute Strength sets  ( be sure to perform enough sets & reps or 3-5 sets of 8-25 repetitions) - (specialty modules will apply specific learning from the module)
e )  a 3-5 minute Warm Down.   (specialty modules will apply specific learning from the module)
You are evaluated based on
1) do you understand the exercise objective
 2) can we see, hear and understand you
3) is the exercise safe and effective,  
WaterART is Exercise with a Purpose  so we hope that you will COMPLETE  your Certification & benefit with becoming qualified & competent! 

Practical assessments for certification exams may be booked either via  HEAD OFFICE
OR directly with a Master Trainer in Your Area

 Note: Only Certified Instructors or Trainers that possess a valid diploma may utilize the title Certified.

Certified Instructors or Trainers are eligible for liability insurance coverage through Sport & Fitness Canada or  Sport & Fitness USA.

Renewal Procedures

In order to maintain the certified status for any of the certifications an instructor/trainer must complete 16 hours of continuing education every two years. For details, please refer to the following:

How to Complete Instructor Certification Qualifications

Certification Renewal Procedures PDF DOWNLOAD

Certification Standards

To Contact WaterART or email the theory exam 

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