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Difference between Membership & Certification

Our goal at WaterART Fitness International is to provide options and opportunities for everyone to gain the most out of fitness education to develop safe, effective and enjoyable programming.

The Certification is your qualifications. The industry standard requires that everyone renew or requalify every two years and this is a biannual program. You may choose to complete either CEC/CEU's(h continuing education credits) via onsite or home study quizzes. Each level of certification is unique and qualifies the leader for the program that they have certified in. We offer many qualifications for both land and water fitness professionals.  

WaterART Professional (WP) membership is a benefits program that is optional yet offered to everyone who is interested in Fitness and their health. Paid annually, a membership provides the individual with value added benefits and services to enhance their career. We have several levels of incentive programs based on your needs as an individual or facility. 

Certification is when a candidate has completed both a theory & practical exam to demonstrate competency in skills and an understanding of the materials. There are currently 
16 levels of certification. Only candidates that have completed either a home study correspondence training program or an onsite program may become certified. We are not able to transfer your certification status from another organization due to liability reasons. You must EARN your status.  

Industry standards mandate that all candidates must re-submit a renewal of certification application every 2 years. There is an on time  OR late fee renewal  certification fee to apply for your re-certification. Once expired more than a year, we cannot reinstate your qualifications.  Another option for renewal is to complete another level of certification. This will give you more qualifications as well as upgrade your existing qualifications for 2 years from the pass date.

To enroll in our WP Membership -the candidate does NOT have to be Certified with WaterART Fitness AND conversely a Certified WaterART  Instructor does not have to be a WP member.Each WP membership comes with a bonus package  & you choose one of the free gift packages (see below) often worth the value of the membership). Every renewal of WP membership you may choose a gift. You also receive a quarterly newsletter and access to our WP members only website with article downloads and video streaming tips. We believe thatour professionals help us to grow the business of fitness &  having a dedicated membership makes it possible for  WaterART Fitness to have better purchasing power. We are constantly growing our resources for those interested in the benefits of fitness. 

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