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Home Study Education

WaterART is a unique organization in that all of our onsite educational programs are available via Home Study Education. 

We offer full Certification programs  for both land and water training

You purchase online or via phone and complete program in the comfort of your own home.

Home study is a convenient, cost effective for your travel budget. We always ship the manual but you may order DVDs or video streaming.  See all programs

WaterART Fitness will help you to become successful in the industry and you may choose to work part or full time in the industry or just use the education for your own knowledge.

All of our convenient Home Study Certification Programs, you will  have up to six months to complete  the exam process (which is included in your fees) and if you are already qualified with WaterART - you earn a complimentary Certification renewal and upgrade when you complete a new program successfully. If you are completing a program to upgrade your current certification, all certifications will be dated for 2 years from the passing date of your newest examination.

To complete certification, each individual must purchase the package.

Facilities may purchase at a group rate (with 5 or more packages at a 25% off rate please phone for this option 1 866 543 8938) 

WaterART has provided you with a lot of learning styles. We appreciate that everyone learns differently.Most speciality programs take about 30 hours whereas most comprehensive program may take 50 -100  hours depending on your background ( aptitude and/or exercise science background);All home study programs have up to six months from the shipping date to complete the examination process ( with no extra fees).If they are after the 6 month mark, you will have to pay a late fee for both the theory and/or practical portion of the exam. After a year, we may no longer accept the exams. To fully comprehend the materials you have several resources in your home study educational package.

Note : All Certification exams  and marking templates are in the back of the manual
You may submit your theory  exam via email or via snail mailed hard copy. The practical assessment may be administered onsite with a Certified Master Trainer  or you may submit a video on a USB stick ( MOV, MP4, AVI file type). We do not allow video drop boxing or streamed submissions due to copyright or liability issues. Should you like your  DVD or USB stick/flash drive returned simple send a self addressed envelope. Marking generally takes 1-2 weeks when received.  

To complete the certification competencies, you will need to:

1)  Read the Manual chapter by chapter and take notes. Some chapters are more comprehensive and may require that you review several times. You may wish to highlight or make further notes on everything.

2)   Check yourself with the study guide questions as you go along ( note that the study guide questions are at the end of the book for self checking) . The questions and answers will give you a pretty good idea as to what is expected with the answers for the program. We do not allow answering the questions in a group or verbatim. You should understand the questions and write the answers in your own words.

3)   Watch the DVD (s)  You may need to watch the DVD’s several times. Some programs are educational while others are a complete follow along program. We recommend you watch the programs, then get up and practice the moves as if you are on the deck teaching, then take your notes to the pool and practice again so you “feel” the difference between land and water. Also, when you can’t remember an exercise or a technique = go back to the DVD and re-look at the programs again.

4)  Take the laminated program cards to the pool to practice the movements & program. These cards will be quick reference for you to put a full program together and/or understand the techniques. If you want to create your own cards & notes you may simply put them in a zip-locked bag and take to the pool.

5)  To prepare for certification, you need to be able to answer the study guide questions at the end of each chapter ( and  you may heck your answers in the back of the book). Also, you may email us if you have other questions at info@waterart.org or fax 416 621 0951. Assume that not all people at the head office may be exercise science professionals –so they will only be able to take a message..

6)  To complete certification, you must complete both a theory and a practical exam – if  you are new to WaterART Fitness. If you are completing a specialty level or Certification for renewal of your Current WaterART Certification – you need only submit the theory exam answers.

7) The theory exam is generally short answers, applied or case study questions and writing out lesson plan for your class or program design. Please note that Comprehensive Certifications such as our  Instructor  & Seniors Instructor Certification levels will have to complete BOTH  theory & practical assessment regardless if you are already certified by WaterART. Rehabilitation Specialist Certification & Personal Training Specialist Certification levels will complete case studies for practical your assessment.

8)  Whether you complete onsite or home study - you are marked with the same system or have to complete the same exam competencies.

9)   You have six months to complete the exams from the date of purchase/ course date. Should you be late you will have to pay a $35.00 late fee for each the theory & the practical component of your exams.

10) Successful candidates will receive a Professional Certification E-Diploma and Certified Instructor Number as well as recognition through the WaterART website profile system. Everyone can LOG on to view their credentials online by using their email address as their user name in MY ACCOUNT section ( which is the top right hand corner of the WaterART website ) 

Options for completing the practical assessment for certification. This is include the fee with the purchase (unless your exam is submitted late) Exams submitted after a year are not accepted.

1) submit a home video via USB/DVD/flash drive of your class (as written out in the program or class design) and the assessor will follow along your lesson plan/case study when marking.

2) book direct with a Master Trainer. In this scenario, the person being assessed has to make it convenient for the assessor (i.e. probably go to their location) Each onsite assessment takes 30 minutes per person.  If there are several people partaking at once – you will be required to attend all the practical’s of the booking as you may always get more benefits seeing more onsite reviews. It is not necessary for the Master Trainer to attend your whole program. You just have to complete the competencies as described.


Report cards are then written for both theory & practical’s ( and we email the report card to you).
Once you are successful -  you will receive an official Certification Diploma and online profile.

HOW TO COMPLETE CEC QUIZZES FOR  Continuing Education Courses (CEC) for credit hours (to maintain your Certification Status)
You purchase the DVD's water  or land
Purchase the CEC quizzes  water or land
3) Email or mail the answers ( 2.0  CEC / quiz) 
*Note that you may submit your CEC quizzes with your Certification Renewal application.

Comprehensive Certification Programs

ü       Requires all candidates complete both theory exam and practical assessment.

ü       All home study Certification exams have six months to complete after purchase date 


Specialty Comprehensive Certification Programs

  • Requires only theory exam unless you are new to WaterART Fitness.

  • If your WaterART Certification has expired then you require both theory exam & practical assessment to qualify. 

  •   A practical assessment for those professionals currently Certified with WaterART is optional.

  •  Adding another level of WaterART Certifications will automatically renew your existing qualifications for 2 years from pass date of this new exam.

  •  Taking another level of qualifications will give you more job opportunities and advanced education.


All exams will involve take home exam process where the candidate has time to absorb the information.There are study guide question & sample answers, laminated reference cards, Educational DVDs in all programs so usually exam process takes 15-30 (dependingon educational background & experience etc) . Anyone may take any program but they have to be competent to complete the exam process..

H20 Education »

Land Education »


FULL EDUCATIONAL CATALOGUE ( ADOBE PDF) or  please contact WaterART Fitness 1-866-5-GET-WET or click here to email us



 Please phone the office between 9:30- 4:30pm EST if you would like to purchase the WP membership with your order (as you cannot discount your own order) (416) 621 -0821 or 1 -866 543 8938 (toll free)



 For more information please contact our Educational Director

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