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How do I Log in to the Regular Website

STEP 1 Log In At Top Right Hand Corner Of Our Website  or www.waterart.org/login

STEP 2 Enter In Your User Name which is your email address (whatever
@domain.com )
Please do not create a new account if you already have an account with us (as your order history and qualifications, WP may not be added to two accounts)

STEP 3 Enter In Your Password. If you have forgotten it, simply click the "forgotten password" link and it will be automatically emailed to the email address that we have on your account. If you have changed your email you need to email us so we may change it in your account (
email us)  

STEP 4 Add whatever you like to shopping cart. All products are on the left hand tool bar ( 3 section down) and you need to scroll down and click “add to shopping cart” to add them to your online order. If you can not find a product, simply enter in the name or a brief description into the advanced search engine (top left hand of website) then click button below and everything should display. If you have a coupon code, enter it in where it says "Redeem Coupon".

IMPORTANT NOTES: Always remember to CLICK the update button to redeem coupon OR change the number of items in your shopping cart (button applies changes)

P.S. There is also a tutorial online that may help you to navigate around our website (top right corner of www.waterart.org website).


How to Log in as a WaterART Professional (WP) Members (for Members only site) click here

You must possess a current WP membership. Please note that WP Membership is separate to your Certification Qualifications. Also not that we don’t allow sharing of your account name & password. We can track which address is using the account. All members found "sharing" will be automatically suspended from their WP membership benefits. If you would like a facility membership or a group membership - please let us know. 
Note that you may not "create another account or profile" and have it work.


Only WaterART Head Office staff may link you to the member's only section with your WP#. Sharing of passwords is not allowed. Individual or Facility Membership is required.

Step 1: Or click www.waterart.org/membersonly  

Step 2: Enter in your USER NAME: is email address (case sensitive).

Step 3: Enter in your PASSWORD . Which is your WP membership number. This may be found on your past invoices If you do not know you may  Email us



Our e-retail system is Pay Pal  (which is a online banking system) or you may log into your PayPal account and pay. WaterART does not see your credit card information as it is an encrypted and secure system. 


You may also PHONE your ORDER at (416) 621-0821 Toll Free 1-866-5-GET WET (438-938)9-4pm Monday - Friday only

We need the correct spelling of your full name and the billing address for the credit card holder as well as 3 digit authenticity number.


How do I get started in the Fitness Industry? click here

  • Check out the fitness facilities in your area and get to know their programs.

  • Take part in a wide variety of fitness classes. Decide what type of fitness interests you the most. If it doesn’t keep your interest you won’t enjoy teaching.

  • Volunteer your services.

  • Talk to class participants, find out their goals and/or needs for a program.

  • Talk to facility directors, instructors, personal trainers finds out if they will help you with training.   

Where can I look for a job?

  • All community centers, condominiums, private clubs, YMCA, YWCA, JCC, Spas and Golf clubs, hotels, vacation centers, cruise ships may have fitness facilities and pools that offer job opportunities.

  • Check out your local fitness facilities looking for group instructors.

  • Typically you have to submit a professional resume. Get to know the hiring person and take time to check out the requirements, facility programs prior to applying.

  • Check out our website

  • Become a WP Member so you may Post your Request  

Do I need to become Certified before I start teaching?

Absolutely Yes!  You will need to become certified for the type of fitness you will be teaching. For instance: if you are only interested in group instruction for healthy people then a general Instructor Certification may be adequate. However, if you plan to advanced or specialized area such as for an Arthritis, Parent & Tot,  Rehabilitation Program, Pre & Post Natal etc, you will require further qualifications and certification(s)  for that specific area. Never claim to be knowledgeable in an area of fitness for which you have not received certification. Become Certified makes you eligible for liability insurance. Insurance companies now mandate specialty training if you are teaching or facilitating specialty groups and programs.


How do I become Certified?

An instructor must complete either:
WaterART Onsite Training Courses OR via b) WaterART Home Study Programs Water  OR Land Programming & Certification

All Candidates will have up to 6 months after training or purchase to complete examination process

Whether you complete home study or onsite education -the system and exam competencies are the same. We provide written report cards for both onsite and home study exams (theory & practical). Only one person may submit an exam for each paid registration or paid home study program.


How do you Renew your Certification

The industry standard or the longest you may renew for is 2 years.

 1) Complete 16 hours Continuing Education Course (CEC) hours via either onsite training OR home study OR a combination of the two. Generally one hour is 1.0 CEC. If you are short hours and have already purchased DVD's, you may purchase DVD's &/or quizzes to complete other hours. Buy a CEC quiz for 2.0 credits. Everyone must purchase their own resources - as we do not allow sharing. Please note that eight hours of your 16 hours must be specific to WaterART training (either via onsite training and/or home study education). Ideally you accumulate your hours between your certification date & expiration dates (So if your expiration is Jan 24, 2012, you must gain hours between January 24 2012 and January 24 2014.) If you are later than this you still must complete the hours however, you must also pay a late renewal fee and you will not be qualified once your certification is expired.  


2) Complete another level of WaterART Certification. This will automatically renew your existing level(s) of Certification and you do not pay a renewal fee (as long as it is completed before you current WaterART Certification expiry date). You may complete another level of Certification either onsite or via our home study correspondence programming. You are automatically renewed from your PASS date of the new exam for 2 years.


Specialty Certification exams only require a theory exam (if the candidate already has the WaterART Instructor Certification level) such as Pre & Post Natal Instructor Certification, Kids Instructor Certification, Arthritis Instructor Certification, Mind-Body Instructor Certification, Common Movement Disorders Instructor Certification and Managing a Healthy Weight Instructor Certification.


Comprehensive Certification Programs will require both theory & practical assessment or case study submission. You will also be required to complete both theory & practical assessment if you are completing a Land Certification for the first time.


If your Certification is not completed prior to your current WaterART expiration, you will be subject to a late renewal fee. Note, If you have multiple certifications, all of your certifications or qualifications, will expire the same date. Therefore, you need only renew all Certifications once every two years. For liability reasons, WaterART can not extend NOR backdate your Certification qualifications - as a renewal period is maximal 2 years. If you renew late for your Certification, it is from the date of the Certification on your diploma OR when you submit a new level of certification exam for re-certification – your new renewal date will be two years from the date you passed or achieved the new certification.


All renewals must submit a renewal form with payment information (unless you complete another level of certification and you will automatically be issued new diplomas when you pass the new certification exam). If you have completed all WaterART hours - you may renew via phone or online submission. We have on time (prior to expiration) and late (after expiration and within 1 year of expiration).


If you have other hours for renewal courses to submit - please mail or fax or email scanned copy of certificate of course(s) completion and the renewal form with payment together.

WaterART Fitness does accept up to 8 hours (non WaterART). See criteria below.  If CEC hours are not with WaterART - the candidate must:

a)       submit a certificate of course completion which itemizes the date, CEC hours completed & the Master Trainer signature (not just a card).

b)       submit a short agenda or overview itemizing the hourly breakdown of the course.

c)       submit an instructor biography of who taught the course or program


All candidates will need either a CURRENT Life-guard Qualification OR a valid CPR/FIRST AID/AED.


For liability reasons, we cannot approve emergency safety skills (CPR/LIFEGUARD) as part of the renewal hours (because everyone requires this in addition to your hours). It is your responsibility to keep Emergency Safety Qualifications current (as typically the dates do not usually coincide with our diploma). Additionally, we do not accept pre-choreographed routines as this does not allow the individual to perform self paced exercise (if you make someone work too hard - you may hurt them & if you don’t work them enough they may not appreciate the benefits).


Note WP membership is separate to your Certification(s) or Qualifications.


Here are some examples of 8 hours (correspondence or onsite) which must be specific to WaterART Fitness.

The other 8 hours may also be WaterART courses (correspondence or onsite programs) OR any approved courses through reputable educational providers such as a University, College,  OFC, ACE, APFA, BCPRA, SPRA, AFLCA, NBFLAC, YMCA, OKA, CATA., CFP, coaching, nutrition, lifestyle coaching, adult learning courses, anatomy, biomechanics, injury risk, etc. 


All renewals need to submit a RENEWAL FORM & PAYMENT information with any additional paperwork necessary –at the same time. We do not keep paperwork submitted separately. All of your order history or course history is available ONLINE by logging in with your email address. If you have forgotten your password it may be emailed to your email address by clicking “forgotten password”.  

All candidates will need Either a CURRENT life-guarding qualification OR a valid AED/CPR/FIRST AID - Emergency Safety skills.
WaterART adds this information on the diploma so you are aware that you are responsible to keep this up to date.
If you are a NON lifeguard we recommend that you complete the NEW Personal Water Safety & Elementary Rescues Program ( DVD & Booklet & Quiz) for 8.0 hours of renewal.


We would love to help all facilities to grow their aquatic fitness programs. Hosting a program at your center is very easy and we can make it benefit your time frame and needs. My recommendation is that we combine a certification and some workshops (especially if you have instructors who are already certified) as they always need continuing education credits.

To make the programs feasible, with no overhead for your centre, WaterART requires 10-15 registrations for certification programs or looking at a 20 persons total between the two programs (workshop & certification).

WaterART - would look after the costs of travel /accommodation/promotion.

All We  need to get started
1) some possible dates
2) pool time available - we need approximately 40-50% pool time - it may be shared pool but we need it sectioned off...
3) approximately how many of your instructors are interested at your facility
4) pool temperature,  aquatic equipment ( we bring what you don’t have), dimensions
5) how many centers are around - or how many people you could promote to (and hopefully we can bring some other instructors in for the training) & hopefully you allow them to attend. This is of benefit to you- as you may recruit more instructors. Also we co promote the event...so we can help to get more there. Here are some more details.
6) Preference in Master Trainers?

The facility may choose to add a "plunge fee or facility fee” to offset any additional costs.WaterART Fitness International collects all monies via MAIL, FAX, PHONE or ONLINE REGISTRATIONS or we may invoice the facility directly.

WaterART Fitness International will promote and advertise the event on the website and through e-newsletters, and mailings. The facility contact will receive a WP discount of 20% discount on our products for a year after the training is completed.

Our goal is to make it easy & cost effective and simple for you to "host an event".
Payments may be made via VISA, MasterCard,  Check/Cheque or Money Order or cash for onsite registrations (only).

We have a 4 tiered price structure or  early-bird and regular rate as well as WP & Regular rate.  Your Staff receive our WP member rate (or discounted rate).

A letter of agreement must be signed at time of booking the event with WaterART Professional Master Trainer OR WaterART Fitness International's Educational Director.

Why are All Programs Not Equal

You should always do your own research when investing in education. We want you to check out our competition so that you are fully aware of the benefits of WaterART & the uniqueness of WaterART Fitness. The Aquatics & Fitness industry is a relatively new area for research and development in the fitness and/or aquatics industry. Although Aquatic Fitness has been taught for over 45 years in North America, few of the initial pioneers had exercise science training. Programs were largely based on land programs performed at land speeds dropped in the water.

Literally hundreds of certifications are available throughout North America. Each certifying organization has different standards and its own method for testing a candidates knowledge. As a result the consumer may be confused when choosing a certification that will have an impact on their career. In order to make an educated decision check that a certification body has:

    • A standardized method of training

    • Provides both a theoretical and practical assessment

    • Provides ongoing education and re-certification process

    • Utilizes methodology that has been research based

    • Offers national or international recognition

    • Has an Advisory Board or organizational structure

    • Utilizes current techniques and resources

    • Is relevant to your needs (to be qualified as an aquatic fitness personal trainer, then must take specific training)

    • Offers liability coverage programs

    • Affordable

    • Offers continuing education through training or correspondence

    • A certification exam that is separate from the training (some offer certification and training on the same day)

If I have more than one WaterART certification do I have to renew each one separately?

No -You need only renew the HIGHEST level of certification. If you have lesser certifications these are automatically renewed for the same time period. If you advance to an even higher level of certification - your renewal date will automatically adjust to 2 years from the date that certification examination is completed.

How many certifications are currently available through WaterART Training and how are they rated?

There are many levels of WaterART Fitness see TYPES OF PROGRAMS

We recommend everyone starts with this program

WaterART Instructor Certification  (either onsite or correspondence)


THEN progresses if you like to completing Comprehensive WaterART Certifications
( these programs require both theory & practical assessment to achieve certification ) 

  • WaterART Seniors Instructor Certification 

  • WaterART Personal Training Specialist Certification

  • WaterART Rehabilitation Specialist Certification 

  • WaterART Weight Management Consultant Certification

  • WaterART Sports Conditioning Specialist  Certification

If you require more SPECIALTY TRAINING PROGRAMS (if you are currentlycertified, you may upgrade your qualifications with these programs and not have to complete another practical assessment)

  • WaterART Kidz Instructor Certification

  • WaterART Arthritis Instructor Certification

  • WaterART Common Movement Disorderss Instructor Certification

  • WaterART Mind Body Instructor Certification

  • WaterART PreNatal Instructor Certification

  • WaterART Managing a Healthy Weight Instructor Certification

  • WaterART Shape Up and Water Train Instructor Certification

  • WaterART Parent & Tot/Toddler Instructor Certification

  • WaterART Walking Instructor Certification

  • WaterART Running  Instructor Certification


  • Comprehensive WaterART Land Certifications  

  • Instructor Certification  (General Group Exercise)

  • Senior Instructor Certification

  • WaterART Weight Management Consultant Certification

Speciality WaterART Land Certifications 

  • Arthritis Instructor Certification

  • Common Movement Disorders Instructor Certification

  • WaterART Managing a Healthy Weight Instructor Certification

What is the criteria for becoming a MASTER TRAINER? see link

Each candidate must:

  • Complete 5 Certification levels with 85% or more score on both the practical & written exams namely ONSITE Instructor Certification, Seniors & Specialized Populations Instructor Certification, Arthritis Instructor Certification & Personal Training Specialist through onsite programs

  • Possess a current CPR/First Aid and/or Life guarding qualifications

  • Complete the Master Trainer Intern Exam

  • Have been teaching aquatic fitness for 3 years or more ( realize the process may take 6 months to 2 years)

  • Possess some experience with Training Instructors or Leadership training

  • Must submit a current and accurate resume.

  • Must have access to Email

  • Must read and write English (unless reporting to another country distributor)

  • Must be able to teach the Instructor Certification, (theory & practical) and/or Arthritis Instructor Certification and/or Kidz Instructor Certification Programs in its entirety

  • Master Trainers with an exercise science degree will be able to teach either Personal Training Specialist and/or and/or Rehabilitation Specialist Course

  • Master Trainers with related nutrition and lifestyle management skills will be able to teach either Weight Management Consultant Certification Course

  • Master Trainers will only teach the workshops that they are experienced with (as there is a huge range and not all Master Trainers have to be able to teach all programs).

  • Must be exclusive to WaterART Trainer Team (for Aquatic Fitness Instructor Training)

  • Must volunteer at a ONE conference to understand registration & tradeshow procedures

  • Must submit a business proposal on how you will: contribute to the team, develop your business plan for your success, achieve your goals as a Master Trainer as well as list how you will need WaterART Fitness to help YOU! (We are here for support!)

  • Will purchase all appropriate WaterART manuals, DVDs, uniforms for training or workshop sessions through head office (at discounted price listed on Trainers Price List.)

What is the difference between a WaterART Professional Membership and WaterART Certification? see link

All levels of membership are optional, however, members receive benefits including a special WP member rate at all WaterART events, discounts on educational resources and products, job postings/listings on our web site and more. The Business Membership allows you to receive a bonus for your sales on this website. In order to continue your benefits as a member, an annual renewal fee applies.


Certification is granted when a candidate has completed both a theory & practical exam to demonstrate competency in skills and an understanding of the materials as presented in our training tracks. Only candidates that have completed either a home study correspondence training program or an onsite program may become certified.

Simply stated

  • Membership is Benefits

  • Certification is Qualifications

WHAT IS A WP Membership?

WP Membership.... has BENEFITS see link

Always purchase your FIRST WP membership with a phone call ( as you can not automate your own discount level)

All WP membership include a FREE or "BONUS" gifts every time you join or renew!

You choose our value added gift ( one of  A-K  packages see below)

Everyone receives....

  •  A choice of Membership DVD's ( DVD029 , DVD033, DVD076, DVD077 )

  • Quarterly Newsletter (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)

  • Monthly E-Newsletter

  • 20-25% discounts on all product purchases (depending on your qualification level)  

  • Registration Discounts for onsite events

  • Job Postings & Listings!

  • Member's Only Website Privileges 

  • Member's Only Message Board Privileges

... and you always receive a full year from your JOIN DATE or an extra year from your renewal date!


Are Other Certification Programs transferable to WaterART?

WaterART does not transfer our certification status from any other organization except OFC/FPAO  members

There is no "banking" of continuing education credits (CECs) prior to certification. 
You must EARN your status, and can only accumulate CECs after completing certification.

Please contact us via email click here

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