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Advanced Noodle & Partner Exercise Wall Chart

This banner will help to illustrate more  pool  noodle exercises in shallow and  deep water depth. We will even inspire people to work with a partner for added challenge and enjoyment. 
Our goal is to help your team and patrons to remember their exercise inventory and be successful with exercise. You may choose to do the exercises at a self paced level. In other words choose as many repetitions and the speed you need to be working to benefit with your exercise program.  
  • You may mix and match exercises. You do not have to do a canned routine.
  • So many people need visual cues to learn exercise for the water. This banner may be the solution.
  • Why not have people come to "open" pool swim and enjoy their fitness.
SIZE is 36 inches by 60 inches
100% polyester cloth so this is easily portable and very durable. We use tape to attach this to the cement wall. You may choose to hang this or push pin this to a board.
Promote & learn water exercise design with our Pool Banner!
Become a WP Member WaterART Professionals  Club - you save an additional 20-25%!
When you  log into our system - your WP membership discounted price will be automated. You cannot discount your own order so if you are purchasing a Membership and a product for the first time please call 9-4 pm EST 1866 543-8938.

Product was added to our catalog on Thursday 11 August, 2011.
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