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CTL010 Weight Management Consultant
[WMC MANUAL, MHW WORKBOOK, DVD052,32,48,49, CD-WMC-for presentations, LC032,48,49, 2 FIT BANDS]
Ship Hard Copy Materials Fee:$299.00
One Time Streaming And Ship Hard Copy Price:$329.00

The goal of this program is to train the Consultant to be confident to deliver the 10 week Managing a Healthy Weight Program. This program may be facilitated as an adjunct to group exercise programs or as a new program to attract and maintain people struggling with an unhealthy lifestyle.

You will receive the complete materials to get this program off the ground!

This home study training will provide the Consultant with a system that will help the individual incorporate behavior strategies and techniques to create positive lifestyle change. The program will emphasize regular physical activity, proper nutrition and a healthy attitude toward body image.

The ulitmate goal of the program is for you to be able to lead clients or a small group through a positive lifestyle change. The program will blend a 45-60 minute classroom session with 30-45 minutes of either land or water fitness exercises. This program provides a back to basics approach to help people struggling with unhealthy lifestyle.

Certification fee includes:

  • Weight Management Consultant Manual,

  • Managing a Healthy Weight Workbook,

  • Instructional DVD052 - Weight Management Consultant

  • 2 Fit Bands for fit breaks or home exercise (30 inch & 15 inch),

  • Exercise DVD's for home fitness (DVD032- Having a Ball, DVD048- Fit Stretch, DVD049-Fit Band)

  • 3 laminated program cards LC032,LC048,LC049

  • CD of power point presentations and more educational resources

  • 6MONTHS to complete exams AFTER PURCHASE

  • When successful with exams - Certification Status and WMC website profile

  • Incentive program ( passing the exam qualifies you to purchase all products at a 25% discount ( with current WP membership)

  • WMC Membership benefits with launch of first program

  • Automatic Update of existing Certifications or 16.0 CECs

Unlimited earning potential for those able to market and promote themselves as consultants

To complete Certification

Each individual must purchase their own package. We don't allow sharing.

To complete home study correspondence programs
You will firstly read the manual and view the DVD’s. Most people take 25-40 hours to complete a full program with the certification exam.

Candidates must complete both a theory exam for Managing a Healthy Weight Instructor Certification and Theory and Practical presentation for a Weight Management Consultant Certification. You have up to six months after purchase or taking the course – to complete the program without a penalty fee.

Table of Contents of Weight Managment Consultant Certifcation Manual

Week 1 Nutrition: Canada’s Food Guide/ US Food Pyramid/International Guidelines
STRATEGIES FOR CHANGE: Goal Setting & Readiness to accept Change
EXERCISE Education : The Wonders of a Warm UP & Functional Fitness Assessments

Week 2 Nutrition: Caloric Requirements For a Healthy Weight & Nutritional Analysis
STRATEGIES FOR CHANGE: The effects of Positive and Negative Self Talk
EXERCISE Education: Flexibility & Chair Stretching

Week 3 Nutrition: An Introduction to Nutrition-food Science 101
Understanding Your Self Image & Recognizing Self Worth
EXERCISE Education: Walking

Week 4 Nutrition: Meal & Snack Planning, Portion sizes
STRATEGIES FOR CHANGE: Emotional Eating, Identifying Your Trigger Foods
EXERCISE Education: Cardiovascular Training

Week 5 Nutrition: Grocery Shopping and Reading Labels
STRAEGIES FOR CHANGE: Reviewing Your Goals
EXERCISE Education: Active Living & Caloric Expenditure

Week 6 Nutrition: Low Fat Choices: Not all foods are created equal
EXERCISE Education: Strength Training & Targeting Abdominals

Week 7 Nutrition: Fad Diets and the effects of Detrimental Dieting
STRATEGIES FOR CHANGE: Healthy Weight & Ideal Weight- Reconciling the difference
EXERCISE Education: Strength Training & Targeting Upper Body

Week 8 Nutrition: Dining out- Quality vs. Quantity
STRATEGIES FOR CHANGE: Pursuing Excellence-Acknowledging your achievements
EXERCISE Education : Strength Training & Targeting the Lower Body

Week 9 Nutrition: Fiber: Sources & significance. Increasing your fiber intake
Body Connection, choosing a positive lifestyle
EXERCISE Education : Mind Body Fitness

Week 10 Nutrition: Planning Ahead for Meals, Snacks & Bumps in the road of life
STRATEGIES FOR CHANGE: Keys to a successful Lifestyle, Charting Your Course
EXERCISE Education: Better Back Program

PLEASE NOTE: Thehard copy of the manual will be shipped as this is not available via livestreaming due to copyright and liability issues. If you wish to get going rightaway with this Certification, there is live streaming options which willinclude: Exam, DVDs, coloured reference cards and study guide questions &answers.






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Certification Purchase:
Product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 25 November, 2008.
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