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KCL015 Common Movement Disorders Land 8.0 CEC'S Program
[CMD (CTL003) manual, DVD026, DVD027, DVD028, 8.0 HOUR QUIZ and CECs - NO EXAM]

Many people are afflicted with movement disorders including Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Brain Injury, Parkinsons Disease as well as other common neuromuscular and movement disorders. The goal of this program is to develop a well-balanced and functional program to improve the quality of life. n doing so, we will be able to help those afflicted with Movement Disorders greatly improve their well being and maintain or enhance their physical performance.

Program includes:

  • WaterART Parkinson's Instructor & Common Movement Disorders Instructor Manual
  • WaterART Parkinson’s Land DVD'S- Chair Exercise, Posture, Balance & Gait Training,  Flexibility Training DVD026, DVD027, DVD028)
  • 1 laminated program card 
  • CEC QUIZ for 8.0 hours
    NOTE: ( This is not a certification - if you want certification -
    click here)

All correspondence programs involve reading the manual,  and practice exercising watching the DVDs and using  the program card for guidance.  The exam is a theory exam (applied answers) and practical submission via VHS or DVD.  You will receive a diploma, web profile and certification status upon successful completion. You may email us if you require coaching at correspondence@waterart.org

All Certification Programs come with DVDs

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 What is Parkinson’s Disease 

Chapter 2 The Aging Process 

Chapter 3 Functional Fitness & Functional Assessments 

Chapter 4 Muscles, Joints and Biomechanics 

Chapter 5 Posture, Gait and Balance 

Chapter 6 Stretching for Everyone 

Chapter 7 Chair Program Exercise Inventory

Chapter 8 Medications for Parkinson’s Disease

Chapter 9 Nutrition for Parkinson’s Disease

Chapter 10 Sample Forms and Additional Information

Chapter 11 Certification Process

Chapter 12 Bibliography & Recommended Reading

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Please phone the office between 9:00- 4:00pm EST if you would like to purchase the WP membership with your order (as you cannot discount your own order) (416) 621-0821 or 1 -866 543 8938 (toll free)


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Product was added to our catalog on Thursday 15 March, 2007.
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