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CTL002 Arthritis Land Instructor Correspondence Certification
[Land Arthritis Manual, DVD012, DVD013, exams, Certification E-diploma & online profile when successful with examination process]
Ship Hard Copy Materials Fee:$199.00
One Time Streaming And Ship Hard Copy Price:$229.00

Description of this program:

This Arthritis Instructor Certification Program incorporates chair exercises in both sitting and standing positions & a gentle light low impact & sculpt program. The goal of the program is to provide the leader with a variety of cardiovascular, muscular endurance, strength, mobility and balance exercises for helping the individual to improve their activities of daily living and function as well as decrease pain and discomfort in their body. The program is focused on helping the individual to balance their muscular strength and flexibility and the program will utilize equipment such as chairs, resistance bands, and weights.

Program includes:

  • Free 30 minute video/call session with WaterART Master Trainer ($30.00 value)

  • Arthritis Land Instructor Manual with exercise illustrations (153 pp)

  • Arthritis Low Impact & Sculpt -DVD013

  • Arthritis Chair Exercise -DVD012

  • 6  Illustrated Laminated Exercise program cards for quick reference 

  • All Correspondence Programs come with DVD's

  • Certification Exams  (you will have up to six months to complete)

  • Certification Status & Diploma when you are successful with the exams

  • If you are already Certified with WaterART Land Instructor Program - you will only have to complete the theory portion of the exam to upgrade and automatically renew your qualifications

Course will cover :

  • What is Arthritis?

  • The wide variety of Arthritic conditions and how exercise can help

  • Understanding Functional Range of Motion and Joint Actions

  • Design Guidelines for Arthritis programs

  • Functional Testing for Balance, Strength & Mobility

  • Arthritis Specific Exercise Inventory for Balance and Functional Activities incorporating

  • Chair Programs

  • Low Impact Aerobic Activity

  • Line Dancing

  • Step Training

  • Tai Chi

  • Mat Exercises

  • Resistant Bands and Light Weights


Correspondence may be completed in your own time frame (within 6 months) from the shipping date .

The full exam is in the back of the book with the study guide questions and answers.
   To complete Certification Process:
   1)You may either read a manual and answer the study guide questions ( answers are in the back for self- checking)
   2) Watch the 2 Exercise DVD's ( take notes, follow them - try to teach them to a friend) o
   3) Use laminated cards remember muscles AND exercise inventory
   4) FULL EXAM is in the back of the manual
   5)  You may email us if you require coaching or have any additional questions.

For theory exam - you MUST mail or EMAIL the answers to us. . .

You have SOME options for completing the practical assessment for Certification. Should be  submitted with theory ( if you have to do a practical). Anyone NEW to WaterART Land training - have to complete both theory & practical competencies.

If you are after the 6 month deadline there is a $35.00 late fee. After 1 year, you will have to re-do the program.

To complete Practical Assessment you may:
1) submit a home video (via USB or DVD) of your class ( should be reflective of your class design which is written out as part of the theory exam - we follow it along with your video/DVD submission)

2) book directly with a Master Trainer (check out website ) or phone WaterART to find local Master Trainer. You must travel to them & work around their schedules. Each onsite assessment takes 30-45 minutes. It is not necessary for the Master Trainer to attend your whole program. You just have to complete the competencies.

Report cards are then written for both theory & practical├Ęs ( and we email the report card to you). Once you are successful - you will receive an official WaterART Certified Diploma, status and online profile recognition.

All practical's will include:

  • A complete and thorough warm up and orientation  

  • How to do complete range of motion training for all joint actions

  • cardiovascular training either (chair exercise or low impact program)

  •  How to stretch the tight musculature ( active or static)

  • How to strengthen the weak musculature ( may utilize equipment)

  • A thorough cool down, stretch and relaxation segment.

  • There is a performance evaluation to self check your class design.

All Certification Programs come with DVD's. All DVD's are guaranteed to work in computers.

Join our
WaterART Professionals (WP) Club and save an additional 20-25%!

If you are already logged on - as a WP member your discount is automated with all entries into your shopping cart. Your invoice will itemize the savings!

PHONE us if you are ordering both products together 1 866 543 8938.






PLEASE NOTE: Thehard copy of the manual will be shipped as this is not available via livestreaming due to copyright and liability issues. If you wish to get going rightaway with this Certification, there is live streaming options which willinclude: Exam, DVDs, coloured reference cards and study guide questions & answers. 

Available Options:
Certification Purchase:
Product was added to our catalog on Thursday 15 March, 2007.
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