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DVD002 & 2.0 Quiz - Aquatic Fitness Muscles
[DVD002 & Quiz]
Ship Hard Copy Materials Fee:$36.00
One Time Streaming Price:$31.00
One Time Streaming And Ship Hard Copy Price:$41.00

Brought back by popular demand! This program will help you to teach 3 levels of muscular conditioning as well as active and static stretching sets. We will illustrate how to teach safely on deck so that clients may easily learn and execute movements correctly in the water. All major muscle groups will be explored. Learn how to make muscle work flow and feel like continuous sets of movement. We have reinstated this program from 1997 to help instructors teach an entire class on muscle work. This program shows underwater footage, instructor teaching on deck and participants performing both levels of intensity. It is not filmed digitally (as it was filmed pre-digital era) however content is excellent for new instructors - that is why we brought it back!

Completing this quiz is valued at 2.0 of Continuing Education Credits or CECs for WaterART.

How to Submit Quiz Answers (you do not have to rewrite the questions, simply mark which quiz you are completing and write the answers out):

1) Email the answers

2) Mail answers

  • USA:  210 South 8th Street, Lewiston NY 14092

  • CAD:  83 Galaxy Blvd, Unit 19, Toronto, ON M9W 5X6

Note: Quiz will be emailed with paid receipt.

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Please phone the office between 9:00- 4:00pm EST if you would like to purchase the WP membership with your order (as you cannot discount your own order) (416) 621 -0821 or 1 -866 543 8938 (toll free)

Product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 05 August, 2014.
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Buy Any 4 DVD's - Get the corresponding quizzes FREE for 8.0 CEC
Buy Any 4 DVD's - Get the corresponding quizzes FREE for 8.0 CEC
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WaterART Unisex Instructor Short Sleeve Shirt
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