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DVD093-Exercises with Buoyancy Pants
Ship Hard Copy Materials Fee:$20.00
One Time Streaming Price:$15.00
One Time Streaming And Ship Hard Copy Price:$25.00

(23 minutes)

Buoyancy Shorts is a new product that will help people who may not have enough buoyancy (body fat) become assisted in the water.

This program will help clients to maximize their workout duration as well as provide advanced core and abdominal training.

This video will teach clients how to adjust and train  proper body positions in a suspended or feet off the bottom position. Review exercises that are fundamental to the buoyancy shorts. This program was filmed in shallow water but may be utilized in deep water depths. We have added mitts to help with balance as well as train good posture and upper body resistance. This workout will help people engage their abdominal musculature. (We know that bouncing and jumping in an aquatic fitness class doesn't work the core effectively (as this just jars the joints and works momentum).

This program will help yourself or your clients feel confident and comfortable to suspend and learn how to take their feet off of the pool bottom.This aquatic fitness tool allows the abdominal muscles to engage without the use of other buoyancy aids. So, clients don't have to use a buoyancy belt or other aids to achieve this.

Click here for information on Buoyancy Short are available in any color and sizing. 

This DVD093 is free with a purchase of Buoyancy Shorts.

Please note that Buoyancy shorts are not a legal lifesaving device; however, this is an excellent tool to learn and feel comfortable in the water.

Product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 14 April, 2015.
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FINAL SALE- Buoyancy Shorts
FINAL SALE- Buoyancy Shorts
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