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WaterART Aquatic Fitness Certification
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CTW005 Aquatic Arthritis Instructor Certification with Tutorial
[FREE 30 min video session with MT, CTW005 Manual, DVD011, DVD036, 078 (2 DVDs), DVD089(2 DVDs), DVD090 (2 DVDs), laminated pool cards, SPECIALTY EXAM PROCESS, E-DIPLOMA WHEN SUCCESSFUL]
Ship Hard Copy Materials Fee:$269.00
One Time Streaming And Ship Hard Copy Price:$299.00

What is a Tutorial?
The tutorial is a guided presentation a Certified WaterART Master Trainer  which reviews all the classroom sessions and information (that instructors would typically receive as if your were attending an onsite training course.) Often, more and more instructors are taking our programs via home study and because travel and accommodation are cost prohibitive the tutorials are an excellent tool  and investment - to experience more practical information.

The best part about Tutorials is that these DVDs may be reviewed several times especially if the information is new and somewhat overwhelming. We highly recommend Guided Tutorials to non Exercise Science students or NEW to WaterART students because you receive university quality education without having to attend university or college.

This home study program will 

Investigate the most common types of arthritis so you may optimally design programs to aid this clientele. Learn how to modify and progress exercises as well as vary impact and intensity to meet the needs of a multi level arthritis water fitness program. Course will cover: Review of common forms of Arthritis Exercise Design & Safety Guidelines, Aquatic Class Design, Functional Range of Motion and Joint Actions, Arthritis Specific Exercise Inventory. Learn how to modify & progress exercises in terms of mobility and intensity. Contraindications to exercise and when to refer back to a health care professional is reviewed.

Package includes:

All correspondence programs involve reading the manual, watch the DVD, take the laminated cards to the pool, answer the study guide questions and then cross reference with the answers. You may email us if you require coaching or assistance comprehending the program. .

All home study correspondence programs involve reading the manual, watching the DVD, and pool practice, as well as taking the laminated cards to the pool for guidance. 

Certification Exam(s) Process
This is a specialty level of WaterART Certification, so Certified Instructors only have to complete the theory exam if currently qualified with WaterART Fitness. Theory exams may be emailed or mailed.Practical assessments (if required) may be performed onsite with a WaterART Master Trainer OR you may submit a home video/DVD or your program (you may teach this at home as if you are on the pool deck). 

If you are utilizing this for renewal of certification you should complete prior to your existing level expiring so you do not have to pay a late renewal fee. Certification(s) are updated 2 years from the pass date.You will receive a diploma, web profile and certification status once the exam is completed successfully. Please note: if you already hold a current WaterART certification you are exempt from a practical  assessment (i.e. it must not be lapsed)

Should you have further questions, you may email us if you require coaching.

  Table of Contents: 
   Chapter 1  Introduction to WaterART Arthritis Shallow Water Exercise  
   Chapter 2 General Overview of Arthritic Conditions 
   Chapter 3 The Musculoskeletal Connection 
   Chapter 4 Shallow Water Program Design 
   Chapter 5 Joint Action & Biomechanics 
   Chapter 6 Sample Programs & Exercise Inventory 
   Chapter 7 Arthritis & Weight Management 
   Chapter 8 References & Resources and Handouts Page 
   Chapter 9 Study Guide Questions & answers
   Exam & How to complete the exam (in the back of manual) 

Become a WaterART Professionals MEMBER


IF YOU ARE NEW TO WATERART FITNESS - you will have to complete both a theory & practical exam.  The exam is located at the end of the manual and all the criteria for examinations are itemized. You will have 6 months to complete the program (without a penalty fee). 

You may 
email us if you require coaching.  Whether you complete onsite training or home study you will complete the same Certification exams. The written or theory exam may be submitted via emailing the answers OR mailing the exam.  The practical assessment  may be completed either by submitting home video/DVD OR completing an onsite  assessment with a Master Trainer or qualified assessor.

PLEASE NOTE: The hard copy of the manual will be shipped as this is not available via live streaming due to copyright and liability issues. If you wish to get going right away with this Certification, there is live streaming options which will include: Exam, DVDs, coloured reference cards and study guide questions & answers.




If you are already logged on - as a WP member your discount is automated with all entries into your shopping cart. Your invoice will itemize the savings!   

Please phone the office between 9:00- 4:00pm EST if you would like to purchase the WP membership with your order (as you cannot discount your own order) (416) 621 -0821 or 1 -866 543 8938 (toll free) or 
email us.


Product was added to our catalog on Monday 29 December, 2014.
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