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CTW004 Aquatic Rehab for Athletic Populations Certification
[FREE 30 min video session with MT, CTW004 Athletic Population Manual, DVD043,44,45,46(upper,lower, spine), 20 LC, 12 protocol cards, exams, six mths to complete exams, E-diploma & online profile]
Ship Hard Copy Materials Fee:$425.00
One Time Streaming And Ship Hard Copy Price:$499.00

We have added more detailed anatomy drawings and practical applications to help you with program design and the science behind exercise.

This intensive program will detail the six rehabilitation phases for the common regional medical conditions. We will guide you through a progressive exercise inventory that  will focus on the neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle issues.  We will provide you with a complete water specific exercise inventory for the aforementioned conditions.

In order to gain the most out of this program, we highly recommend these Pre-Requisites:
1) To have completed 2 levels of WaterART Certification or equivalent 


2) working as an Allied Health Care Provider ( Registered Kin, Registered PT, RT, OT, AT or  PTA,)

Only Registered Allied Health Care Providers may utilize the title Therapist.


This package includes:

  • Free 30 minute video/call session with WaterART Master Trainer ($30.00 value)

  • Newly Updated 357 page Post Rehabilitation Instructor Manual for Athletic Population

  • Study Guide Questions  & Practical Case Studyreviews

  • 20 Laminated protocol cards to utilize for poolside reference to remember the complete exercise inventory

  • 12 Laminated protocol cards to utilize for poolside reference to remember the six protocols  

  • DVD043 Aquatic Rehabilitation for Lower Extremities,

  • DVD044- Aquatic Rehabilitation for Spine,

  • DVD045 Aquatic Rehabilitation for Upper Extremities 

  • DVD046 Anatomy of the Lower Extremities,

  • DVD046 Anatomy of the Spine,

  • DVD046 Anatomy of the Upper Extremities

  • Certification Exams  (Theory exam, Practical Case studies & Video/DVD USB stick submission)

  • Detailed Report card for Examination Process

  • Online profile and Certification E-diploma when successful with examination process

  • Complimentary Upgrade of existing qualifications of all levels of WaterART Certification for 2 years from the passing date of this examination

  • (All WaterART Certifications have the same expiration date and require the same Certification Renewal standards every two years).


This correspondence program involves reading the manual, watching the DVD's,  and practice teaching with a volunteer client. You may take the laminated program cards to the pool for guidance.  The exam involves a theory exam ( applied answers) which may be emailed or mailed to us. This program will probably take 50-100 hours depending on your educational background and experience and learning style.


The practical assessment involves a practical video submission in the form of a DVD/USB stick (VLC program).  (You may film on land or in the water).

You will receive a diploma, web profile and certification status once completed. You may email us if you require coaching.


New Manual Overview of Chapters



Chapter 1 Introduction


Chapter 2 Anatomy and Function


Chapter 3 The WaterART System 


Chapter 4 Tools of Aquatic Rehabilitation Design


Chapter 5 Common Cervical Conditions


Chapter 6 Common Shoulder Conditions


Chapter 7 Common Thoracic and Lumbar Spine Conditions


Chapter 8 Common Hip Conditions


Chapter 9 Common Knee Conditions


Chapter 10 Common Ankle Conditions


Chapter 11 Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries


Chapter 12 Rehabilitation Assessments


Chapter 13 Referral Notes and Intake Forms




Grading Buoyancy




Student Handouts.


Exam ( Theory & Practical)


How to Complete the Correspondence Program:

This certification program consists of both written and practical exams and will take time to complete.
Everyone has to complete the same exam ( whether they do onsite or home study or a combination of the two).

The theory exam and process,  is an open book exam applied theory exam & the practical is a DVD/video submission of one of you case studies as documented in  your theory exam. You have up to six months after the training and/or purchase of the program to complete without a penalty fee. After a year, you may not submit your certification and must re-do the program again. If you are needing 16.0 CECs for renewal and are not completed, you may also use one of the exams for this option.

The practical portion covers the paperwork required for dealing with clients as well as a demonstration of your competence in rehabbing a specific condition. This demonstration can done by a video or DVD showing yourself with a client working through some stages of rehab for a specific condition of your choice.

Please note that programs for Post Rehabilitation may be safely facilitated in regular pool temperture pools (83-90 F) . WaterART recommends that people with high blood pressure or who have known cardiovascular diseases should not exercise in water temperatures above 90 Fahrenheit or the equivalent 32 Celsius or above.

PLEASE NOTE: The hard copy of the manual will be shipped as this is not available via live streaming due to copyright and liability issues. If you wish to get going right away with this Certification, there is live streaming options which will include: Exam, DVDs, coloured reference cards and study guide questions & answers.

PDF Download on Program information






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Available Options:
Certification Purchase:
Product was added to our catalog on Thursday 15 March, 2007.
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