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CTW015-Aquatic Sports Conditioning Certification Home Study
[CTW015 Sports Conditioning H2O Manual, study guide, 6 laminated cards, DVD021, 42 , 55, 56, 67, COMPREHENSIVE EXAM PROCESS, E-DIPLOMA WHEN SUCCESSFUL]
Ship Hard Copy Materials Fee:$249.00
One Time Streaming And Ship Hard Copy Price:$279.00


We all know that commitment to an exercise regime is the key to a healthy lifestyle and that there are more benefits than risks for choosing to exercise. In a regular aquatic class, an instructor usually finds the group comprised of people of all ages and physical conditions. There can be a variety of fitness skills from the beginner through to the high level athlete.   So why are some people not achieving an optimal performance in the water? This may be because too often only group exercise programs are offered or the one size fits all approach.

In a regular group program everyone is cued to go at their own pace and perform the exercises to reflect their ability. Here, one of the most challenging tasks is attempting to train every participant to perform correct technique to achieve their individual goals using the same exercises. Although exercises can be programmed for progression to increase the intensity, expecting everyone to follow instruction is not a realistic. While some people will get a good workout, some will never reach their potential because they come more for the camaraderie than the motivation and are happy with the format.


Additionally, the variance in age levels (chronologically and physiologically) as well as skill levels (non swimmer & swimmer) makes it difficult to help individuals achieve optimal performance.



These are the people who are coming to the water looking for a program offering a higher intensity level as cross training for a specific land sport or to increase their present fitness levels. They need a specific program that is sufficiently challenging to achieve these goals.


A Sports Conditioning Training Program can be developed to help the people gain the most out of their time in the water.Studies show that water training may effectively maintain and/or improve athletic performance. Water offers specific training for sports by providing variable resistance training, superior cardiovascular challenge, improved flexibility and overall core stabilization.



What is A Sports Conditioning Program?

It is an effective workout which is easy to learn and requires no swimming skills. This vertical water fitness program combines the toning of weight training, the cardiovascular benefits of aerobics and the enhanced flexibility using buoyancy all in one fat burning, high endurance workout. Water provides three dimensional resistances to tone and strengthen muscles. It is joint friendly and helps prevent and heal injuries.


Who May Benefit?  Everyone from the Elite athlete through to the Weekend Warrior.

  • Most athletes experience one or more injuries over the course of their career. Water exercise is an excellent non-impact medium for recovery and rehabilitation, while maintaining high endurance.

  • All athletes s are often subject to over-training.
       Water offers an excellent mode of cross training in a three dimensional environment.

  • Where there are issues of decreased flexibility, especially in the lower back and hamstrings, deep water training helps to increase conditioning and flexibility to ALL parts of the body, especially the core.

  • During severe or inclement weather (hot or cold) when outdoor activities are restricted, water sports movement allows participants to maintain or even increase their endurance levels (increase VO2 max).

  • The increased resistance (three dimensional) of water can effectively target train and tone muscle weak or inflexible groups without causing undue stress in the joints.

  • Water Sports Exercise in a small group gives the participants the opportunity to establish group and individual goals in a competitive setting.

  • This workshop will review four full sports programs applicable to both group exercise and one-on-one training.


Programs you will Learn:

1) Aquatic Cycling Class -On land cycling classes have brought new participants into group exercise programs. Learn how to develop a water cycling class for deep-water programs using noodles or a buoyancy belt. Use your mind to train your body; use your heart to monitor your intensity. Adventure into the rhythmic movement of cycling and experience how a class will flow with the power of water.


2) Aquatic Running Programs have become a goal pursued by many individuals. The extreme training requirements for running often lead to injuries that undermine success. Experience the benefits of both shallow and deep-water training as part of a good cross training fitness regime. Unload the joints for safe training and use intervals sets to provide both the cardiovascular strength and the resistance training necessary for a successful marathon.


3) Aquatic Finning - The Ultimate Butt Burner Program is especially valuable for swimmers. Using training fins or flippers may be an excellent way to challenge your swimmers to try a class but this is anything but streamlining. You will target all of the major muscle groups through an advanced level of exercise inventory.   We will utilize kickboards, paddles, mitts and advanced techniques. This is not a class for a non-swimmer or someone who cannot flutter kick. 


4) Aquatic Boot Camp Let's get fit with water training. This shallow water program will kick up the intensity up a notch and offer some no nonsense training programs. Add drills and high intensity moves with intervals of strength to challenge any athlete or create the warrior of the water.


5) Advanced Buoyancy Cuffs  (aka Killer cuffs)-  are advanced buoyancy equipment that may be added to the legs for superior core and lower body work. This program requires advanced skills and strength and is for primarily deep water training. Additionally cuffs may be utilized on the arms as resistance or put together as a buoyancy belt.


6) Advanced Foam Dumbbells (or water weights) Working with foam dumbbells or weights may add a new dimension to any program. Learn the exercise physiology associated with designing programs for buoyancy assisted and resisted training. This program will review the necessary shoulder girdle mechanics and safety considerations for designing a safe, effective and advanced sports program.


7) Review a variety of Common Athletic injuries and how to rehabilitate these common overuse injuries using the protection and properties of the water.


Comprehensive Certification Process:

  • You will have up to six months to complete the Sports Conditioning Specialist Certification exams (after the training date).

  • All theory certification exams are take home or applied theory.

  • You may choose to complete either a practical assessment with a Master Trainer OR submit a video/DVD of your class.

  • All candidates will be required to complete both a theory & practical assessment to become fully Certified and Qualified with this program  

  • If you are already currently certified with WaterART, you receive a complimentary renewal and updated diplomas and more qualifications by completing this qualification. 

  •  If your certification has expired (less than a year) or are new to WaterART, you will only be qualified in Sports Conditioning Specialist level when Certified. 

  • Completing this level of qualification will automatically renew your existing qualifications for 2 years from the passing date of the newest exam. All dates will be the same for any levels of certification you achieve with WaterART Fitness.


 Registration fee for HOME STUDY Certification includes:

  • Free 30 minute video/call session with WaterART Master Trainer ($30.00 value)

  • Sports Conditioning Specialist Manual (306 pages)

  • Study Guide Questions & Answers

  • 4 Laminated reference program cards

  • 5 DVDs:

DVD042 - Advanced Buoyancy Cuffs

DVD055 - Aquatic Cycling  

DVD056 - Deep H20 Running

DVD067- Boot Camp,

DVD021 - Finning

(Should you already have any of these, you may request other options - you may request other DVDs in comment section of this order upon purchase see full DVD list 

  • Theory and Practical Assessment required for all registrants.

  • Six months to complete without penalty fees.

  • If you are presently qualified with WaterART, completing this exam will automatically update your exsiting WaterART qualifications for two years from passing date.

  • Practical onsite evaluation or assessment or submit a  video via ( USB stick or DVD ) in MP4, AVI, .MOV VLC file. Criteria and markign templates for examination process is clearly itemized in the manual.

  • Certification E-Diploma & online profile when successful with exam process



Note: if you are utilizing this new qualification to upgrade your existing qualifications you do need to complete prior to your expiration or your are subjected to late Certification renewal fees for the other qualifications or level(s) of Certification.                                  

Registrants will have up to six months to complete the exams after the training or product purchase. 





For Onsite Training options OR book a training event.

If you would like to purchase the WP membership, with your order (as you cannot discount your own first order), please phone the office between 9:00- 4:00pm EST

(416) 621 -0821 or 1 -866 543 8938 (toll free) or email us.


PLEASE NOTE: The hard copy of the manual will be shipped as this is not available via live streaming due to copyright and liability issues. If you wish to get going on program right away with this Certification, there is live streaming options which willinclude: Exam, DVDs, coloured reference cards and study guide questions &answers.

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