Virtual Aquatic Rehabilitation 8.0 CEC Workshop


WaterART Aquatic Rehabilitation  Virtual Event

Date:  Saturday, March 13, 2021
Time: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

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Virtual 8.0 CEC Workshop guided by  Dr Leigh de Groot and Julie Twynham

The goal is to provide overall mobility for recovery and function for activities of daily living. Therefore the regions of focus will cover suggested exercises for : the Cervical Thoracic and Lumbar areas of the spine, and the shoulder, hip , knee and ankle joint areas. Other exercises include suggestions for clients requiring CVA or post stroke rehab which can also be used for most movement disorders. These exercises will provide  the Instructor with a generic base of safe, adaptable movement that can be combined to create programs suitable to each client’s personal needs. Some people with a chronic condition may never advance beyond a certain stage for recovery  however this does not mean they have not improved their quality of life. We train to work  on the ability not disability.

The goal of the program is to help bring clients back to full functional well-being.

1 . Provide a general low impact mobility program for people with general orthopedic problems.
2. Regional focus will cover suggested exercises for : the Cervical Thoracic and Lumbar areas of the spine, and the shoulder, hip , knee and ankle joint areas
3.  We will review the difference between spinal extension and spinal flexion “relief positions”
4.  Review how to utilize water equipment for assistance (modification)  or resistance (progression)
5.  How to utilize breathing techniques for relaxation and meditation purposes
6. Learn how to modify range of motion and flexibility exercises for all joint actions

This shallow and/or deep water instructor training program is for anyone interested in facilitating  a post rehabilitate approach to fitness. Water exercise is an excellent modality for protecting our joints and healing our bodies. Explore ways to  modify and progress all the components of fitness to help peoe with some sort of orthopedic, cardio-pulmonary or neuromuscular conditions.  This educational and training includes practical and theoretical information to maintain function in the water for movement and independence on land.

The goal of the program is to  help both swimmers and non swimmers move pain free and develop skills in the water to help their mobility, strength and posture on land.

Course Registration Fee Includes

  • 8 hours of Virtual practical training on March 13, 2021 Vimeo video link (we email you the link on the day of the event so you just need internet and either a computer or smart device to view the video streaming).  You log in your name to chat. Please note that  you do not need to give Vimeo any of your personal information or pay for any extra viewing privileges. Your link is sent to you directly on the day of the event and you click on.
  • Recorded session for  6 months after the training (via Vimeo Link after the event)
  • Via WaterART Fitness App ( unlimited video viewing when a Member ) :160-Intro to Aquatic Rehab for General Populations with Leigh de Groot (71 minutes)161-Shoulder Theory & Equipment Review with Leigh de Groot
  • 8.0 CECs for  your  re-Certification ( AEA, WaterART, YMCA)

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SKU: VTW-210313-8CEC

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