Training Event – Redo Home Study Programs




If you have let your program lapse and have failed your theory  and/or practical assessment – and are still trying to complete the program  – you simply pay this fee.  In doing so, your re-do or late fees will be waived and you will have six more months to complete the course (from the date of the course).
Our goal is to help you become successful and often reviewing the material onsite (one more time) is truly helpful.

You will receive the full video streaming sessions ( you will need to download the app) and redo the examination process.

Be sure to itemize when your original date of training was (or give us time to look this up from our old system).

This option is valid if you are less than 3 years from your original start date.

Please email us if you have any questions.

How to complete Certification examination process (there are options)

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