Resistance Tubing with Handles Bonus Kit


[11 Green Tubing with Handles +DVD067]

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BUY 10 tubing with handles & bonus is one FREE tubing with handles

Excellent for either land or water programs.

Easy-to -use tubing with handles provide medium resistance for strength training in or out of the water.  These are approximately 4 feet (122 cm) are ideal for seniors or people with lower fitness strength.  Great for strength training, tethering and squats. Tubing has neoprene around the handles. Excellent for other adults that require variable strength training apparatus.

DVD067- Shallow H20 Boot Camp is water program included as a bonus with this kit.

Check out our new Aging Well App for land programming.

Care of Tubing

  • Avoid wearing rings or tying knots or ripping tubing.
  • Tubing has great longevity if not ripped or torn by rings or knotted.
  • When using for water programming simply  rinse off chemicals & hang dry (ideally out of corrosive environment of the pool)


Additional information

Weight 3.0 kg
Dimensions 31 × 30 × 16 cm