Newark, DE – 16.0 CEC Re-certification Workshop


Western Family YMCA

Date:  Saturday, May 2 & Sunday, May 3, 2020
Time: 10:00-6:00 pm & 9:30 am – 5:30 pm

Location: 2600 Kirkwood Hwy, Newark, DE, 19711
Master Trainer:  Anne Marie Waterhouse

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Aquatic Equipment Toolbox Workshop: Discover infinite ways to make programs interesting and progressively overload your muscles using a variety of buoyant and resistive equipment (stuff that floats versus stuff that sinks).  This training workshop will provide a smart system to progress or intensify all your major muscle groups. Conversely, review how to modify or decrease intensity for those who are at a lower level of fitness.  Learn to target all major muscle groups using the properties and protection of water.  Build a varied and interesting gym of the future. Guaranteed ideas and energy to keep your programs growing and benefiting!

Into the Deep H20 Workshop: Discover how deep H20 training is unique to shallow water exercise design. Review how to develop a balanced program that creatively combines cardiovascular sets with muscle sets for a balanced total body program. Review the 8 deep water body positions that create challenge and variety as well as train for optimal posture, muscle balance, and performance benefits. Optimize visual and verbal communication techniques to help you to coach and motivate safely from the deck.

Yoga and Mindful Movements Workshop: Yoga, balance & core training are all hot items on land. Discover new ways to increase core strength while in shallow water depth. This “whole body” class emphasizes movements from Yoga  to create mind-body awareness and fluidity. Learn classical movements and techniques to utilize the water for strength, balance, and integrated core strength. We will utilize noodles as well as 3 levels of intensity training for each exercise. Learn how to blend either a full class of yoga with your group exercise program or provide yoga relaxation to the end of every class.  Help your clients breathe de-stress and enjoy the many benefits of yoga.

Noodle Gym Workshop: The noodle has become the most recognizable piece of equipment at the pool – it can be used in most every program and every depth of water. The unskilled can be provided with support to walk with confidence in shallow water. The more skilled can challenge balance standing, sitting kneeling or riding in deep or shallow water. This session offers a selection of noodle exercises showing the many adaptations or progressions that can be used to accommodate a wide variety of participants within the same class.

SKU: 1550-Newark-200502

Earlybird Registration Date: April 15, 2020

Course Registration Fee Includes:

  • 16  hours of training (theory & Shallow & Deep pool time)
  • WaterART Mitts (choose your size)
  • Updated Certification Diploma (for 2 years from your expiration date on existing diploma)
  • There are NO exams with this option
  • 16.0 CECs for WaterART,  ACE & 8.0 CECs for  AEA, YMCA )
  • Candidates who have expired will be required to pay a $20.00 Late Certification Renewal fee
  • This option is not available for candidates who have been expired for more then 1 year


Master Trainer

Facility Contact: Anne Marie Waterhouse or phone at: 302-824-2576. Staff members please contact Ann Marie for discount code.

What to Bring:

  • Lunch or snack
  • Water sessions: Water Fitness wear or bathing suit(s)
  • Land sessions: comfortable clothing in which to move around
  • Water bottle
  • Towel/cover up
  • Pen and paper
  • Water-shoes are preferred wear for water sessions

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