*Virtual or Onsite* – Gentle Senior Sit & Stand Land Instructor Certification


Date: Saturday, March 26, 2022   8:00–4:00 pm * Virtual* via Zoom link or *Onsite*

Group Fitness Land Instructor Certification

For those who are training *Onsite* Fitness for U, 295 US Hwy 22 East, Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889 (908) 534 – 1961

Master Trainer:  Janet Rollero  (908) 216-6580

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Although everyone can benefit from exercise, perhaps no other portion of the population will benefit as greatly from regular, consistent exercise as the older adult. It is important to understand the relationship between age-related physical changes and exercise when planning a land exercise program for older adults. The goal is overall physical improvement, and WaterART’s Gentle Sit and Stand Chair Exercise program can improve quality of life by decreasing pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints while increasing joint range of motion, agility, balance and strength. Because so many people of differing abilities exist, the level of activity in each program must be geared to individual needs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Providing variety while emphasizing mobility with pain-free range of motion is the most important requirement for this population.

The Gentle Sit and Stand program is recommended for residential care for the 80+ population and will focus on providing a variety of tools and resources to build a safe, effective and purposeful program to include, for example, balance and fall prevention training, muscular strength training to prevent muscle atrophy, posture training for alleviating stress on the spine,  and general movement disorders due to the aging process.

Course Registration Fee Includes:

What to Bring (onsite):

      • Lunch or snack & Water bottle
      • Wear Comfortable clothing
      • Pen and paper

Prepare for Zoom:

  • Set up camera for full body viewing
  • Have a Chair handy
  • May use soup cans for free weights
  • Have a ribbon of fit band
  • Get a small ball or item  you may use for hand-eye coordination
  • Water Bottle handy

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SKU: 220326-CTL006-Whitehouse Station

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