Common Movement Disorders H2O Instructor Certification (Upgrade for Toronto Conference Delegates Only


CTW008 manual with Study Guide Q & A,  laminated cards, V010, V078, V197, V204, V235. Must upgrade at Toronto Conference event or prior to Sept 19, 2023,  Delegates receive an another automatic Certification renewal when exam process is successful (for two years from passing date). Specialty exam Process – Candidate may choose to complete either  practical or theory if currently WaterART Certified.


Investigate common movement disorders including those from Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis or stroke so you may design programs suitable for the variety of conditions found among clientele with these conditions. Learn how to incorporate necessary  functional exercises to aid with activities of daily living (ADLs) as well as incorporate balance and posture retraining, muscular strengthening, flexibility and agility. This program is suitable for both swimmers and non swimmers as well as caregivers and regular water fitness instructors. This is an excellent entry level program.

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Course materials

Manual Table of Contents & Learning Objectives

Chapter 1 What are Neuromuscular Disorders?
Chapter 2 The Aging Process
Chapter 3 Functional Fitness & Functional Assessments
Chapter 4 Muscles, Joints and Biomechanics
Chapter 5 Posture, Gait and Balance
Chapter 6 The Exercise Blueprint
Chapter 7 The Exercise Inventory
Chapter 8 Medications
Chapter 9 Nutrition Page
Chapter 10 Sample Forms and Additional Information
Chapter 11 Certification Process, Study Guide, Question and Answers
Chapter 12 Bibliography & Recommended Reading

Workbook Download is Basic Overview and Program Exercises ( Downloadable only)

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