Athabasca, AB – 16.0 CEC Re-Certification Workshop


To register via Athabasca Centre – please phone 780 675 2967 (7am-9pm M-F or 9-5pm S-S).
Facility c
ontact is Dylan Zilinski, Aquatic Supervisor,

Address: Athabasca Multiplex, #2 University Drive, Athabasca, AB T9S 0A3

 App/Vimeo are V211, V206, V178, V186 ,V190 , V207 , V185

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This is an excellent option to update your techniques and renew your qualifications. There are no eams and you review the workshop day and the videos. You achieve 16.0 hours of continuing education hours AND automatic Certification renewal for two years from your expiration date.  Time will be spent reviewing the workshops helping you to Shallow & Deep, Sports, Parent & Tot, Seniors.

SHALLOW H2O SPLASH WORKSHOP : Low impact or High intensity – shallow water may be used for all ages, skill levels and types of programming. Review how to build a creative shallow water program utilizing working positions to vary impact and intensity. Learn hundreds of movement variations and techniques provide with and without a noodle to better provide multi-level options and opportunities for your participants to benefit with water exercise. The course is geared towards very practical and enjoyable education.

Into the Deep H20 Workshop: Discover how deep H20 training is unique to shallow water exercise design. Review how to develop a balanced program that creatively combines cardiovascular sets with muscle sets for a balanced total body program. Review the 8 deep water body positions that create challenge and variety as well as train for optimal posture, muscle balance, and performance benefits. Optimize visual and verbal communication techniques to help you to coach and motivate safely from the deck.

Parent & Tot/Toddler Workshop

The program is aimed at instructing parents of tots 8 – 18 months while the toddlers program is geared for kids 18 months – 3 years of age. Candidates will help parents maintain and enjoy fitness as they exercise with their baby or toddler through the early years. Tot activities focus on developing basic skills such as gross and fine motor coordination, language acquisition, and shape and color recognition. The toddler activities focus on social interaction and skills, creative fun skills, physical coordination and following directions. Candidates will learn how to use music, movement, water play, functional exercise to facilitate parent-child bonding time with exercise. This training will review programs aimed at both swimmer and non swimmer parents.

SKU: 220925-1550-AthabascaAB

Course Registration Fee Includes:


 Susan Kisilevich, Master Trainer

What to Bring

    • Lunch or snack
    • for water sessions please bring water fitness wear or bathing suit(s)
    • Towel/cover up
    • Pen and paper
    • Water-shoes are preferred wear.

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DVD178, DVD185, DVD186, DVD190, DVD206, DVD207, DVD211

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