Cincinnati, OH – 8.0 CEC Noodle Boot Camp & Sports Conditioning Workshop


Mercy Health Plex Queen City

Date: Saturday, November 7,  2020
Time: 10:00 am – 6:30 pm
Location: Mercy Health Plex Queen City, 3131 Queen City Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio

Trainer: Anita Beauchamp (email her)

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Noodle Boot Camp Workshop: Review a variety of moves to build a creative yet military style of no nonsense workout . Explore progressions and ways to  kick the training up a notch. This high energy program will provide hundreds of exercise ideas to train for muscle fitness, balance, agility, cardiovascular training, flexibility as well as coordination. This is an excellent way to help your patrons stop talking and keep them moving with fun and function! We will add a challenge competition – prizes awarded -so be prepared for a high energy day! The goal of this workshop is to provide exercise leaders with a creative template of purposeful exercise design specific and interval and intensity training.

Sports Conditioning Workshop: This interactive hands-on laboratory course will demonstrate application the hydrodynamics of water which can be utilized to design increase lower body loading or work from 50% body weight at waist depth through to suspended body positions. Whether high intensity or 0-50% loading the athlete may benefit greatly with an off-season total body conditioning program. This course will cover the biomechanics of how to train plyometrically in conjunction with strength development and core stabilization exercises which have been adapted especially for the water.  Learn how to select and use the latest appropriate aquatic equipment which can enhance flexibility, increase cardiac output and improve proprioceptive neurological pathways in order to achieve desired optimal results. This course will compare and contrast research documentation of current exercise protocols with new and alternative exercises which can be used to condition the athlete.

 Who May Benefit?  Everyone! Most athletes experience one or more injuries over the course of their career. Water exercise is an excellent non-impact medium for recovery and rehabilitation, while maintaining high endurance. All athletes s are often subject to “overtraining”. Water offers an excellent mode of cross training in a three dimensional environment. Where there are issues of decreased flexibility, especially in the lower back and hamstrings, deep water training helps to increase conditioning and flexibility to ALL parts of the body, especially the “core”. During severe or inclement weather (heat or cold) when outdoor activities are restricted, water sports movement allows participants to maintain or even increase their endurance levels (increase VO2 max). The increased resistance (three dimensional) of water can effectively target train and tone muscle weak or inflexible groups without causing undue stress in the joints. Water Sports Exercise in a small group gives the participants the opportunity to establish group and individual goals in a competitive setting.  This workshop will review four full sports programs applicable to both group exercise and one-on-one training.

SKU: 1500-201107-Cincinnati-OH

Early bird Registration Date: October 29, 2020

Course Registration Fee Includes:

  • WaterART workshop handouts
  • 8 hours of lecture & pool time
  • 3 Complimentary Video streaming programs via WaterART Fitness App when order is paid for 6 months
  • WaterART Mitts (choose size)
  • Certificate of course completion
  • 8 CECs for WaterART, AEA, ACE (You may petition other organizations).


Master Trainer

Please contact Anita Beauchamp.  Staff members please contact Anita for discount code.

What to Bring

  • Lunch or snack
  • Water sessions: Water Fitness wear or bathing suit(s)
  • Land sessions: comfortable clothing in which to move around
  • Water bottle
  • Towel/cover up
  • Pen and paper
  • Water-shoes are preferred wear for water sessions

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