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Thread: Silver Sneakers class choreography ideas?

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    Post Silver Sneakers class choreography ideas?

    Hello everyone,

    I am new to the message board. I was certified in 2006 and added The Arthritis certification last year. I am very much enjoying teaching water aerobics at the YMCA here in Brandon, FL. I teach 3 days a week (Aqua Blast) and a special populations class called Wellness Through Water. Most of my class is 60-85 years olds. A lot have special needs like MS, Fibromylagia, and Arthritis. We are adding an additional class called Silver Splash through the Human Silver Sneakers program. I was wondering if anyone has taught this class before and had some good ideas on how to make this specialized for seniors. We have a specific kickboard (has lots of hole slots for various hand positions on the board) that we use in class but any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks! Look forward to hearing back from anyone.
    Lisa Zeman

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    Default WaterART Arthritis Program


    Glad you are teaching classes. My understanding was that equipment & your program design had to be specific to the Silver Sneaker design
    OUr WaterART fitness program deals with functional exercise inventory & perhaps the most important thing is to get them moving - walking and enjoying movement.

    we offer a DVD011 for shallow water exercise design specific to arthritis OR DVD036 -Arthritis with Noodles program - maybe check those out.

    here is a link to our promotions dvd clips to give you an idea

    also here is a photo of walking with noodle - get them moving on a noodle ( we have laminated exercise cards to accompany every DVD
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