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Thread: Noodle Boot Camp - Closed Cell versus Open Cell Noodles

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    Default Noodle Boot Camp - Closed Cell versus Open Cell Noodles

    Someone wrote to us about

    Hi I am interested in ordering the Noodle Boot Camp DVD095. I only have access to regular dollar store pool noodles. I'm not familiar with the super noodles you mentioned in the email blurb of the dvd. Will regular pool noodles be appropriate for use with the exercise/ Bootcamp described in the DVDs?

    My response as this is a great question

    Definitely, you may purchase and utilize dollar store noodles (but they are open cell foam) and utilizing a more dense closed cell noodles creates much more resistance than open cell noodle.

    However, there is a big difference of using open celled noodles ( either ones with a hole in the middle or not) & closed celled noodles for a few key reasons.

    The intensity really depends on the exercise you are teaching but I would say at least closed cell noodle have at least 10-20 x more intensity.

    A huge benefit of closed cell noodle is that it will last much longer ( years as opposed to months) because closed cell foam never gets water logged .

    Another benefit of closed cell foam is that because it lasts for years - we dont throw them out - so closed cell noodles don't fill up our land fills ,

    I would suggest putting good closed cell noodles into your budget - because over the long term you save as you don't have to purchase noodles every other month because they last and also helps your clients because they can do more exercises for strength with this noodle.

    We do have a WP D membership on sale (with closed cell noodle so this is a great time to try this noodle)
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    So you receive a good value & try the closed cell noodle
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