Seems to be a desperate shortage of Certified Aquafit Instructors

Good leaders are not born. People become good leaders by drawing on and learning from their myriad of life experiences, by taking counsel from the experience of others and by understanding that leadership skills are gained through practice, practice and more practice.

Everyone can become a leader. Those with energetic, outgoing, confident personalities may find it easier than those who are quiet, more cautious and less confident, but everyone has the capability to lead. The keys are motivation, perseverance and patience.

To become a good aquatic fitness leader you must:
o be passionate about aquatic fitness
o obtain the necessary knowledge and skills
o enjoy working with people
o learn effective interaction skills
o develop and fine tune your skills

Realize that teaching a class is a complex undertaking. An instructor has to wear many hats and, at any point in time, may have to be a teacher, a coach, a facilitator, an organizer as well as a friend. There are so many variables for an instructor to consider when managing a group of people, where most learn at a different rate. The instructor must create a structure that meets the diverse interests and abilities of a group. This entails developing a variety of techniques to help train individuals in the group with different needs. This could be helping someone understand basic cardio movement and others understanding the many muscle movements that will be used in a program. The end goal is to present meaningful material in a way that is both interesting and positive thereby establishing a supportive, non-threatening and enjoyable environment.

Everyone may become a great leader by taking some WaterART Fitness courses.
There is a global shortage of Certified Aquafit ( Water Fitness) Instructors
Join in - and build your resume with healthy skills and helping people improve their fitness, wellness and lifestyle!