• Contact information ( email & cell phone number best)
1. Candidates are encouraged to contact the pool in their community directly
2. Candidates must apply on line
• Location of pool(s) sample hours or types of classes

1. The City of Ottawa has 20 indoor pools and a number of outdoor pools operating in the summer months throughout the City

2. The indoor sites offer a variety of classes in both shallow water, deep water and combination programs. Classes are 45minutes in length. Many sites offer back to back classes.

3. We offer specialty classes which require additional certification to teach – these are generally registered classes. Some examples of these are Arthritic, Healing Waters, Post Stroke, Fibromyalgia and others.
• Qualifications ( and we do not post competitions information)

1. We require the following Qualifications: WaterART Fitness Instructor Certification & Emergency Safety qualifications such as Standard First Aid, CPR C, AED, AODA

2. Preferred Certifications would include: specialty certification, Airway Management, NLS

Salary or Contract Arrangement
1. General Fitness Instructors salary range is
2. Specialty Fitness Instructors salary range is
• Any special details
1. Benefits of working for the City of Ottawa include regular and ongoing training opportunities, access to workshops and training at reduced rates, access to annual fitness conference, and no need for personal liability insurance. You are covered when working at City of Ottawa Facilities.