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    Default Deep H20 Training

    What is your take on arms above the head with regards to increasing the intensity of a deep water move (i.e. vertical flutter kick then raise the hands above the head for a short interval...say 10 seconds or so).


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    Always state the purpose of the exercise..
    and yes, this is a technique I have utilized for years....
    and this is ONE of the ways to increase intensity for CV Training in deep water

    The purpose of this technique is to increase VO2 & using legs only with arms overhead in deep water - will require more leg work as the body sinks more
    The legs pump more oxygen to the heart . Using lower body rhythmical movements generates about 85% of the CV potential
    Arms are to assist and balance or travel the move.

    So when arm go above the head - the idea is to force the client to work harder with the legs ie. they must use the legs to keep the nose/mouth above the water.

    Be sure to make the legs work harder and more Range of Motion.

    be sure not do egg-beater or rotary kicks as this compromises knees and often lifeguards do this because they have learned this to rescue or pull people to safety (which is not our goal)

    however, if you are using BOTH arms overhead = anything less than 1 minute is safe ( otherwise BP can increase)

    If you are unsure who has high BP - use one arm at a time.. and cue to breathe.

    Remember that this is just ONE of the ways to increase intensity in deep water

    a better way is to travel - change body positions and use more range of motion OR ADD proper equipment & programming .

    Hope you showed -told them the percautions - and yes, this is an advanced intensity techniqe so new to deep water exercises need to work up to this.


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