Thanks so much for the work that you put into going over my exam. I value your notes very much...as it helps me learn so much more!!

I was very happy with the way that the practical went. I feel like I learned so much from you!! (I ALWAYS learn when I'm with you)!!

I thought I'd let you know of an interesting "turn of events" that came my way last week. One of my supervisors needed someone to work with some "special needs" adults. The person they wanted could not lead the class so they asked me. (The person they wanted had experience with "special needs"...but not with water).

Long story short...because of my WaterArt training, I was able to exceed their expectations (one the first day). I told the program directors that I wanted to work on posture...getting them to walk with their heads up, strengthen muscles, flexibility, etc. I also thought that following directions would help with their cognitive skills. Last, but not least...have some FUN!!!

You should have seen the participants faces!! They had so much fun exercising!! The praise they received for doing such a good job...did wonders for their confidence, etc. I was told that one girl who never smiles...was smiles all the way back. And the participants were singing in the showers and on the bus!!

Truth be told...I think I'm getting more of a blessing than they are!! It is such a blessing to see people who enjoy the little things of life...and it is rewarding to help people get stronger and feel better about themselves. I get this in regular classes...but it's even more noticeable with this group!!

Thanks for the training you folks have given me. It has allowed me to "work outside the box"!!

Blessings to you!!!

- Linda M