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Thread: CARE OF SUITS - How Long Should suits last??

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    Default CARE OF SUITS - How Long Should suits last??

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    I purchaced my second swimsuit from you about 11/2 years ago. My first one lasted 7 years so I thought I would get another one. This one is falling apart at the seams. The stitching has completly rotted. I am very disappointed with it. I am not sure I would buy another one. Please let me know if I am expecting too much . I spend as much time in the water as with the first one.
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    I think 1 1/2 years is a very decent time frame for any bathing suit.

    We say 6 months for anything going into chemicals and the water ( pool) is great lifespan

    I looked and you purchased a final sale discounted suit - good quality - 100% polyester or not. We have had many people love this suit ( unfortunately we cant get more)

    Just so you know, if you dont rinse properly ( even once ) - and leave this in a plastic bag - all garments will corrode.

    Also, if the seams are white - you could of also endured a super chlorination.

    Pools do this after a fowling and super shocked chemicals will wreck everything - and will definitely damage even polyester clothing.
    Maybe ask your pool to post a sign if they have super chlorinated -as often they dont tell the patrons because they dont want to be "down"
    I would recommend within 24 -48 hours - you would always wear old suits into pools that are super chemicalled .
    I have been in some and my hair has burned off my arms.

    Again, posting signs is not required ( I think that this should be).

    The Military pools do a 24 hour closing after a super chlorination shock; however, health and safety regulations only require 1-2 hours depending on your location.
    If pool operators didnt shock water - we would be subjected to infectious diseases -so they usually do more than they need to.

    if the fabric is good & seams are just falling apart -maybe take this to a seamstress and they can fix this.

    I am glad your first suit lasted 7 years -that is a very long time to keep any piece of clothing.

    Here is what we suggest about CARE OF PRODUCTS ( PDF DOWNLOAD)


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    PS. I have a suit from 10 years ago - but I enjoy new clothes and when I wear it -everyone wants one - and Speedo is a fashion company -they dont keep all the same styles every year or season.
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