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    Default Lumbar Spine question

    I have been teaching Aquafitness ever since I became fully certified! Just yesterday I was told to warn participants about exercises that would strain or harm the lumbar section of her spine. Generally, that would mean all lower body exercises are not recommended, but we are in the water the whole time, especially anything of the lower body. So, I am wondering if there are exercises or movements I need to warn her about?

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    Thanks for writing & yes, It is great you have become general group exercise Certified.

    Realize though, we have many levels of WaterART Speciality Certification to help people with the many different needs.

    Please understand that you will need to learn more about the many medical conditions and there is a lot to learn when it come to programming a specialized need.

    Realize that people learn and move differently as well as they have different health history issues.

    That is why you have to refer to the rate of perceived exertion - how do you feel test throughout a program - and monitor and regulate the intensity appropriately.
    If they are doing too much - you need to give the individual modifications for the exercise and if they they want to do more - you need to give them progressions for the exercise.

    We never force an individual to exercise or do more than they can nor want to.

    Every program - you need to tell people to go at their own pace & inspire them to do their personal best.

    You cannot really give specific exercises for a specific medical condition -if it is out of your scope of practice -which this seems to be.

    However, you may certainly educate how to maintain better posture and how to train their balance and core muscles to help protect their spine.

    In the general program, we made reference to how to stretch and strengthen the major muscle groups.

    And we talked about stretching the tight muscles and conversely the muscles we talked about strengthening because they are very weak muscles.

    These are very good guidelines to help people move pain free and in better postural alignment.

    Please note that you absolutely need to strengthen the lower body muscles -as these muscles carry your body around all day and keep you mobile.

    The general rule is to not do too much intensity too soon and/or torque the body in a way that is unnatural.
    Again, helping people to learn and train proper posture, alignment and balance with movement is more difficult than it seems.

    I guess my question is Who told you to caution specifically about this condition? You may need to emphasize to them that you cannot train out of your scope of practice.

    I would always say dont do an exercise that hurts - do an exercise that feels good and announce at the beginning of every program -to go at your own pace & do moves that feel good on your body.

    they should let you know if they need to modify an exercise or if they want to intensify the exercise - and you give them suggestions on how to do this.

    Generally our body is good about telling us what is good and what is doesnt feel right -so again encourage people to go at a good self paced level of intensity.

    We have lots of upcoming workshops - that deal with programming for more medical conditions and senior functional fitness - which will be good for you -as you will be required to do 16 hours of continuing education every two years to maintain the industry standards to requalify for certification renewal.

    See attached general articles that may help.

    We do have a WaterART Professional members website where you can download many articles and gain more knowledge on programming -that would be helpful to you.
    Here is more about our WP membership program


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