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Thread: How to Vary the Class Design

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    Cool How to Vary the Class Design

    I am starting to get a little stale and notice I am teaching the same class. How can I vary the program?

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    There are always many ways to vary a program -but often a different type of program -provides renewed interest and energy from everyone.
    If you use noodles -then maybe use two noodles -and do some exercises, add different equipment (if you know how to use this safely and effectively), change your music, complete an entire class without putting any jogging in the routine ( this is one of my favourites as often a program is too easy with jogging - use a rock, kick, jax etc). Also, add more partner work or simple fun and theme ideas . Spring is here so many add a Boot Camp for Spring Training. Ask your group -what they want to train -and really focus on the topic. Create some interesting combinations of blocks of moves. Choose one move, add on and then keep adding on - kind of like 12 days of Christmas - each time you go back to the first move and add on. see if the group can remember every move. My last suggestion is TRAVEL more - forwards, backwards, sideways -circles, zig zags, ...assisted travel, resisted travel - MOVE and they will want to move more! Write down all of your good ideas and refer back to them. I constantly re-write a class design and then forget about it for awhile -then bring it back and it seems fresh again. The big reason that we want to CHANGE the routine is there are many more benefits and you simply cant train everything in one program -so variety is the spice of Life!
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