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Thread: How to renew my certification

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    Default How to renew my certification

    I am confused about the renewal of my certification. If I turn my completed work in now, my expiration date is 3/14/13, upon passing will my new date be 3/14/2015 or when 12/1/2014?



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    Thanks for asking this questions - - and please let me know if this clarifies things...

    If you turn in another level of certification - your renewal is renewed for 2 years from NEW pass date. Industry & liability standards say that 2 years is the maximum time to certify anyone.

    If you renew with 16.0 hours of education ( looks like you are submitting 16.0 hours of quizzes) you wont lose anytime - your new qualifications will go to 3/14/2015 or two years from Existing date.
    Here is what we say online....

    WaterART has a specific criteria process for re-certification and how to submit your Certification Renewal form if applicable. .

    You have 2 options for Certification Renewal....

    1) complete 16 hours either via onsite education OR via home study courses (purchase DVD's & you can do a buy a CEC quiz for 2.0 credits/DVD) Everyone must purchase their own resources -we don’t allow sharing.Please note that a minimum of 8 hours must be specific to WaterART training. Must fill in a renewal form with payment & submit all information (you should keep certificates of course completion together & submit with the renewal form) .


    2) complete another level of certification ( in doing so this will automatically renew your existing levels & not pay a renewal fee - either onsite or correspondence). The speciality courses such as Pre & Post natal, Kids, Sports Conditioning Specialist, Managing a Healthy Weight Instructor, Arthritis, Mind-Body, Common Movement Disorders only require a theory exam (if the candidate already has the WaterART Instructor Certification level and is current). Please note when you pass the course - you are renewed for 2 years from the date you pass or achiever certification.

    Please note that any pre-choreographed like Zumba, Body Pump, Jazzercise etc -cannot be utilized nor may emergency safety hours (as you require these in addition to your Continuing Education Course or CEC hours.
    We do not accept pre-choreographed routines as there are no modifications made for individual needs. Additionally, emergency safety hours can not be utilized as part of your continuing education hours.

    WaterART adheres to Industry and Liability standards of care.

    You do require emergency safety qualifications (i.e. either CPR/First Aid/AED OR Lifeguarding qualifications) in addition to your qualification hours.We do not need to see a copy of this as the dates generally do not coincide with our dates;however, your Certification is only valid when you possess both qualifications ( emergency safety and educational hours)

    If you have multiple certifications - all diplomas will always expire the same date - so you need only renew it once every two years and all qualifications will be renewed.

    YOu always receive a MAILED Certification Diploma as well as a wallet sized laminated Certification card for quick reference.

    IN CANADA WaterART Fitness International inc. , 83 Galaxy Blvd Unit 19 , Toronto, ON M9W 5X6 Fees are before the expiration = $35.00 + HST/GST or

    After Expiration = $55.00 + HST/GST

    IN USA: WaterART Fitness International, 210 South 8 th Street , NY 14092 Fees are before the expiration = $35.00

    After Expiration = $55.00

    PLEASE NOTE : After 1 year of Expiration -no renewal possible. Candidates will need to complete the full course again either home study and/or onsite.

    If CEC hours are not with or NON -WaterART - the candidate must

    a) submit a certificate of course completion ( not just a card) itemizing the hourly breakdown of the course with the name

    b) short bio of Instructor Trainer

    c) short overview of the course breakdown or course objectives ( flyer advertisement)

    All candidates will need Either a CURRENT life guarding qualification OR a valid CPR/FIRST AID - Emergency Safety skills - as the WaterART programs do not teach this and it is necessary to maintain a valid qualification to maintain certification. This is typed right on the certification diploma - that it is up to the candidate to maintain this - as we can not keep checking.

    All instructors must submit proper paperwork with payment fee ( if applicable). We do not accept incomplete paperwork. Should your paperwork not meet the standards outlined, you will have to submit the paperwork again with payment. We do adhere to on time and later renewal rates -so please check your Certification status either via your online profile OR looking at your existing diploma.

    Julie Twynham

    Educational Director,
    WaterART Fitness International Inc.,
    Creator & Top Motivator!!

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