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    I really enjoyed and learnt allot this weekend, I utilized some of the new moves already with my class.
    I learnt that I cannot start out with all new material I need to weave it into my class as my clientele are used to more of a fiere workout than the typical Active Daily Living movements.
    I found at my pool that they already had some balls and other items I can use in place of the squishy balls. They have several items intended for people with mental limitations that work beautifully for me.
    Also they had several 'bath toys' that work really well for people to chase around the pool, thought I would share that with you because getting some squishy balls will be difficult in 'off pool seasons'
    By the way your Mother is an inspiration to us all - I can only hope and pray that I will be as active as she is at her age.
    Thanks again I appreciate all your information and the sharing of it.

    Heather Westcott

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    Yes, you every workshop, you receive lots of new ideas .
    Realize that , most people dont like too much change ( or brain power with their programs)
    so add a bit here and there - and tell them they will burn more calories for new moves and that is why you will do new stuff!

    keep your programs fun & functional.

    I am sure you are a fun person - and they are lucky to have you.

    thanks for your appreciation

    Creator & Top Motivator!!

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