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    Dear Julie,
    The Club is having a meet n' greet night on the 15th and were asking for interesting facts about benefits of working in water.
    I, of course went through some manuals and news letters. I remember an interesting fact that came [ I think ] from the summer news letter. It stated that by adding travel to an exercise it increased the work, or the caloric burn by a certain percentage. I think the number was 13 % but I'm not sure . I don't want to state a fact as coming from Water Art if the % is incorrect.
    Though I save some news letters and take articles out of others I thought I had it. But I couldn't find that letter. Would it be possible for you to find and send me that info as I thought it would be interesting to new people and maybe get some of our instructors adding more travel to their programs.
    thank you.
    swimmingly yours,

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    No exact percentage on the intensity as there are so many variables to consider

    Caloric output would increase dependent on
    surface area,
    water depth,
    force generated by the person,

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