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    I had purchased 13 sets of paddles a couple of years ago. Some of them, we cannot get open or shut. Is there something we can do to make them easier to move? Some won't move at all, and I really hate to lose the option. They are a great piece of equipment and would like to be able to use them for a long time.


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    I would say some two things

    Water is corrosive and the paddles get locked over time...
    And that is an ongoing challenge of chemicals and pool environment.

    Or someone throws them on cement and they break.

    I would say RINSE out your equipment after each use and store in a proper container that drains and breaths.

    Hope that helps!


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    As a SCUBA instructor, we used our equipment in the pool a lot, and deposits would build up from the pool chemicals. We found that plain, ordinary white vinegar would dissolve these deposits like magic. It's also completely harmless on plastic, metal, rubber, cloth, etc. Completely immerse the paddle in vinegar for a minimum of 15 minutes, rinse with clear water, and see if it works better. You can help it along a bit by working the shutters back and forth while it's soaking.

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