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Thread: Julie- I am not a nutrionist.- Eating more Fat!

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    Default Julie- I am not a nutrionist.- Eating more Fat!

    Helo julie,

    I have noticed how muscular and toned you are on a few of the dvds that i have watched over the years!! i was captivated with how toned and lean you were throughout your body! Your lower body loooks especially toned and strong! Did you get alll of your leg and thigh development from Water fitness? Did you play other high intensity sports when you were growing up? What is your current body fat percentage? I have LOT OF FEMALE STUDENTS AND MOST OF THEM DO NOT seem to be getting any extra tone in the following areas: upper back, inner thighs and glutes. When i first started teaching classes, i use to blame myself for their lack of improvement,but i think that there are vices to factor into their progress. I am not a nutritionist, but i think some of these women are eating too much sugar. I also think that they are not eating enough natural fats. i think that if they consummed less sugar and more natural fats, their bodies would change to a harder but yet feminine physique!! there is one woman in my evening class, who has gotten a lot of tone in her upper thighs and arms. I have noticed that she applies more force to the water in comparison to the other women. How many weeks or moths of water training did it take for you to get a toned physique?

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    I am flattered..but not sure how I am supposed to answer this.

    But let me try....

    I would say most of us eat way too much sugar & salt & fat....and starch.. simply stated!!

    and that is the problem -

    Our lifestyle has made things much easier to eat ( not so well) than to exercise.

    Please understand that women dont have the metabolism men have -as we dont have the testosterone in their bodies to naturally build as much muscle ( and I do think that is a good thing- and I do not believe in drugs or stimulants)

    Truthfully, it is a lifetime journey to eat well and exercise regularly - and that is what I preach and try to do.

    I do a lot of walking, biking roller blading with my dogs, ( ) and they are my motivators of four legged fur trainers.

    Also, I do a lot of my own training for water fitness. I believe you have to practice what you preach and actually get in the water and TRY your programs.

    I prefer cuffs and fining and more advanced programming - and definitely think as women age - they need more strength training ( than cardio)

    I started swimming, figure skating,at the age of 5. I took every other sport/activity imaginable as my mother believed in inspiring me to fitness.
    I took my first class at age 15 and started teaching fitness ( land & water) at age 16. I have never stopped teaching or moving...

    and what inspires me - is I get my best ideas after activity..

    tonight I am off to the pool with a neighbour -who has a back problem. I just give him a few exercises every time we meet and this helps him to keep going.
    For me "inventing" new ways to move or programs - helps me.

    I know our goals as professionals is to help "inspire people to move and I try to move everyday"

    I recently managed to swim across this Bay.

    I set a goal and finished this.

    I think again -that is what we have to do with our clients - set goals and help them to actualize them

    Hope that helps,


    Julie Twynham

    Educational Director,
    WaterART Fitness International Inc.,
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    Creator & Top Motivator!!

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