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Thread: What private clubs charge participants

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    Default What private clubs charge participants

    Dear WaterART,

    Can you tell me what private clubs charge participants for one hour Water Aerobics instruction? Or what should a private club charge be?

    Thanking you in advance.

    Lucia M. Hoffenberg
    Certified WaterART Instructor

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    Hi Lucia,

    I think there is a HUGE range in the industry.

    My rule is try to get your best WAGE the first class ( as they rarely go up in fees after you are hired or hard to alter once you charge a specific

    The industry standards are based generally on

    1) facility location
    2) what the member is able to pay
    3) what calibre of service they are getting

    Normally members pay a per year rate...but they could certainly pay a per class.
    Usually there are a lot of people with one instructor? Are you limiting the class size?

    That would be a great way of charging more. Sell 10 classes for a fee.

    With unlimited classes or year memberships it is very hard to figure out exact cost per class. (you would divide their membership fee by how many classes they took in a year)

    I did teach at a private condominium and we charged $8.00/ person /class and we had 10 people in a class maximum.

    would say anywhere from $0-$15.00 / person /class

    Hope that helps,


    Julie Twynham

    Educational Director,
    WaterART Fitness International Inc.
    Creator & Top Motivator!!

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