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    During the two+ years I have been leading Water Aerobics classes I have met several women who are recovering from breast cancer and related surgeries, including the removal of lymph nodes. They often comment that water aerobics has made a huge difference in their recovery. Cancer Rehabilitation Specialists ( offers aquatic therapy specifically for those dealing with this illness. I noticed there is no WaterArt certification offered specifically for cancer rehabilitation. Can you offer any recommendations or direction on how I can learn more about specific exercises or certification geared toward women recovering from breast cancer?

    I'm currently a certified WaterArt Instructor and Arthritis Foundation Program Leader.

    Thank you for your time.
    Lisa A. Harpold

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    WaterART does have many full (and very comprehensive ) programs.

    The Senior Instructor program, Aquatic Personal Trainer specialist, arthritis instructor and rehabilitation programs would all provide suitable and valuable exercise inventory for instructors.

    Please realize like arthritis ( there are over 100 forms of arthritis and many degrees of pain and water skill levels) there are soooooo many variables in program design as well as many, many conditions that we cant always write a programs specific for each medical condition ( because we don’t know if wounds are healed? Or everyone's pain is so very unique.

    Similarly, like arthritis, there are so many forms of cancer - and we do know exercise is key - and therefore we do have to understand program design for many things ( they may have bad knees and hips or be over or underweight too? They may be a non swimmer or swimmer and they may never have exercises or may have come regularly.

    Although, we actually have certainly run specific programs for breast cancer survivors..... We haven't made as specific book or program...for a couple of key reasons..

    I am not sure that other than the treatments and psychological challenges with fighting the disease - we could do any more than the seniors instructor program.

    In my opinion, this program is excellent for teaching group exercise instructor functional exercises and how to modify any exercise to make someone work safely yet effectively for a specific exercise goal.

    After seniors - we do have aquatic personal trainer which provides more assessment tools to develop a better program design.

    And yes, we do have a full Rehabilitation program - that really has the same challenge - no two total hip replacement clients are even close to being similar..
    We review their physical assessment - then we do go through specific areas to focus on ( with that said you do have to focus on all the components of fitness)

    I am sure in my lifetime we will work with more cancer groups - however, for now you would be very well served doing the programs we have and understanding that there is no perfect program - or way to do a program - however, there are always better exercise choices.

    Teaching people to learn how to work with the properties and protection of the water and to work at their personal best level of intensity- is really the goal.

    Here are the links to those programs

    Let me know if you have other questions.


    Julie Twynham

    Educational Director,
    WaterART Fitness International Inc.,
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