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Thread: Biomechanics - What is it

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    Default Biomechanics - What is it

    Can u pls explain an example of a biochemical or joint action answer is??


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    Default Explaining how the body moves or study of human movement

    This is chapter two of your Instructor Certification Manual.

    We show you how you are moving on land and what muscles are utilized with specific movement patterns or biomechanical actions.

    Please note though, with water the properties give you many different ways to move pain free or to benefit the body - and doing exactly land movements in the water often is NOT AS effective as using the properties & e protection of the water.
    On land, we work against gravity with upwards movement.

    In water, we work against buoyancy for muscle work or most often downwards (for muscular strengthening) and we would with buoyancy for muscle stretching (making sure we dont go beyond normal range is key)

    So understanding specific joint actions engage specific muscles - and that is the science of exercise design. Not just moving fast and furious or doing more reps.
    the Key for results is to understand WHAT you are training and how to maximize the training benefits for results.

    Using a joint action beyond its normal or functional range may be contradicted or dangerous or simply doing swim like moves ( lifting in and out of the water is dangerous).
    The word biomechanics developed during the early 1970s, describing the application of engineering mechanics to biological and medical systems

    As an instructor, you show / tell/ explain to people how the body moves - in other words joints flex, extend, (bend or straighten)

    each action causes a specific muscle to strengthen and the opposition muscle to stretch.

    this very complicated thing to understand -biomechanical action - however, this is what we really want you to "understand"

    i.e. how to you stretch or lengthen a muscle or how to you work or load a muscle.

    Hope that helps!


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