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Thread: Anyone had cortisone to Shoulder?

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    Default Anyone had cortisone to Shoulder?

    Can I asked if you have experienced anyone that has had a shot of cortisone to the shoulder and how long before they can return to the exercise program? Or ask their physician ?

    Thanks Shirl......

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    I had a cortisone shot in my shoulder years ago in Florida (when I fell up the steps and bashed my shoulder into a wall).
    No one ever suggest to me that I couldn’t exercise.

    I don’t see what the problem would be - its only a shot in the arm - unless there is an open wound or exercise could pull on stitches that could be undone.

    – cortisone relieves pain a lot of the time - but the muscles never get back to 100% if you rely on this “cure” too much

    My shoulder still hurts from time to time (as most of last summer when I tripped over the laundry basket – same shoulder) the best thing is to get in the water and use it – submerge and protect and perform some easy shoulder alphabets and/or boxes

    You should always tell people to ask a physician - if there are any contraindications to exercise.... but how many physicians understand water ?

    Drusilla Leitch,

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