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Thread: How can I fit in more cardio for those that want a mostly cardio workout?

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    Default How can I fit in more cardio for those that want a mostly cardio workout?

    I teach 5 classes per week and most seem to really love what I do. However, there are a small group of women that seem to want a "cardio-only" type of class. I have a pretty tough workout as it is but I don't think anyone thinks that it is "hard-core". My classes do a lot of cardio build up, then I mix the strenghtening exercises with additional cardio sessions. Any ideas of how I can try to please everyone? I've considered trying to split the group into sections and have an alternate plan for the cardio people. Thanks. Kathy

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    Do they prefer intensity or duration?

    Also, do your students have any joint issues?

    What is their exercise goal(s) only cardio?

    I do value cardio fitness because heart & pulmonary diseases are still prevelant - however, sometime they dont understand that a balanced approach to programming may be a better long term lifestyle choice.

    With that said the best way to increase intensity is to travel and provide a variety of working and body positions . Most often clients think speed is the best way. However, in water often speed utilized more momentum than muscle ( which again is key for good intense cardio work) .

    Also what depth are they in - and hopefully they utlize both water depths - cross training is just a smart way to train.

    I would suggest utlizing a variety of programs ( aquatic cycling, deep water running, finning , cuffs, boot camp which used intervals of muscle sets, or really all of new sports conditioning programs. These programs are geared for the hard core & advance students

    To kick your intensity up a notch - you do need advanced program designs. here is some information I would suggest
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