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    Thanks for the shoes info & the handout for participants.
    I do have some feedback regarding the use of open toe sandals however. I used to use them when I was in & out of the water. I found that I was often catching the toe part on the water. It was like tripping & caused loss of balance. I wouldn't recommend these for participants for safety sake.

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    We have never had that feedback - interesting?
    We have only had the feedback that people love the fact that the sports sandals do not rub on their toes & fit their feet well OR they like all the adjustments of our sports sandals ( sooooooo not sure which ones you have)
    I know the teva are not good choices as the Velcro's is very flimsy..... so yes, no all shoes are equal.

    I would say you always need shoes -but like land you need shoes that work for you.
    I dont like Ryka too heavy -- my mom swears by them - until they "changed" them -then they are not so good.
    So be cognisant of there is really no perfect style but you do need footwear for traction and support and ADDED downward resistance AND protection out of the water.

    Also assume every person balances differently or may have different skills in the water. Shoes may be more or less buoyant so that affects balance. Also, make sure that you wear mitts so you may focus on balancing your hands and your legs - sometimes we forget to use the arms to assist balance and good posture.
    I hope this helps!



    PS here is the article of reference
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