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Thread: Pay scale- in ontario

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    Default Pay scale- in ontario

    I may be writing to the wrong person so I would appreciate it if you could forward this question to someone who might be able to help me.

    The hourly pay for fitness instructors is being reviewed. We were wondering what the average hourly salary is for a certified waterart instructor in Ontario?

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    That is a great question - and I know the range is $20-$45.00 in city of Toronto
    and $20-$25.00 for City of Hamilton and City of Vaughan

    Exceptional instructors make $70.00 / class in Toronto....
    so there is a huge range.

    Why dont you post on Face Book or our Message board - and see if you have some feedback?

    I think everything should depend on
    qualifications of instructors - how many certifications do they hold
    instructor experience -how long have they been teaching
    length of class
    type of class
    if they are sub-contracted OR employee...
    Check out our Face book page

    let me know your findings -

    take care.
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