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Thread: Do you have to be a Lifeguard to teach Aquatic Fitness?

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    Default Do you have to be a Lifeguard to teach Aquatic Fitness?

    Do you have to have your Red Cross water safety instructors certs?
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    No - you do not require to be a lifeguard. However, You do require basic emergency safety qualifications in addition to becoming any type of instructor ( land, water)

    Depending on where you work - they require more or less qualifications ( so ideally you check with them)

    WaterART requires basic first aid, cpr and AED. city of toronto requires Standard First Aid ( 2 day program) and CPR

    However, our goal is to train you to be a safe, effective and enjoyable instructor for group exercise. You do not need to swim for aquatic fitness, however, I feel you should be comfortable & confident with water exercise.

    There are different laws depending on where you are going to teach. In public pools, there is either a lifeguard on deck or if you work in a Class B pool you wouldn't be able to teach more than 10 people in the pool unless you were a lifeguard.

    You need to get basic CRP/FIRST aid as part of your emergency safety qualifications to be fully qualified by WaterART. You may either get this qualification prior to training or after training & most facilities run a course as it is a mandatory requirement for anyone in the health and fitness industry OR one person in each business needs to be qualified for health & safety regulations.

    Let me know if you have other questions

    Also - what the video streaming on the home page of WaterART Website gives you a lot of information

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