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Thread: Using Hand Weights in a Class

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    Default Using Hand Weights in a Class

    I have noticed that many of our instructors are using 2 - 5 pound dumbells in their classes. Our members are asking me about using them but I prefer to take a land class if I want to use hand held weights. Would you give me some direction on this please ?

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    Default Use land weights in water ??? What???


    WOW - is what I say - that is 20 years behind !!

    I am sure we have written this up - but I cant find it right now - we will make sure we update something in our newsletter

    It is definitely not on the water equipment list ( see link )

    yes, land weights are for land!!!

    Weights are designed to work against GRAVITY

    One of the major challenges in the water is working AGAINST buoyancy - that creates the WORK. Why would you use something that SINKS in the water on the downward move (no work at all) and buoyancy will assist in the lifting up.

    Hand weights are ridiculous (totally ineffective under water and dangerous in a class above water)

    The property of water negates the weight of the equipment - we have to use surface area and drag resistance.

    I really wish some people would actually go in the water & try to help themselves learn OR FEEL the difference!!

    Using mitts, boxers, flex paddles, noodles and foam dumbbells or weights ( although not for everyone nor every exercise) are specific to the water and much, much safer and effective

    Please pass this information on!!

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