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    Default To Post a JOB LISTINGS

    To Post a JOB LISTINGS or find an Instructor
    it is really helpful if you list the following information

    Location of Job ( address)
    Position required (or any specialized qualifications) General or Specialized Certifications
    Years of experience (if applicable)
    Times or date of training especially if contract option
    Salary Range
    Additional qualifications required (if specialized Life guarding or Emergency Safety Requirements or AED qualifications are needed)
    Contact information (ideally your phone Name & Email OR how to apply for position)

    All postings need to say "Certified" WaterART Instructor needed.
    Please note that we cannot post for non qualified positions nor suggest other Non WaterART Certifications as your qualifications. WaterART Fitness meets the highest standard of care and adheres to ICREPS standards for Certification to meet our liability protection.

    Please contact me if you have other questions click here
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