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Thread: WOW Marianne!

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    Default WOW Marianne!

    Marianne Pacaccio, Master Trainer emailed us,

    “Just so proud...I had to shout it out loud:I'm going to the World Karate Championships in Dublin Ireland! I won gold medals in Points sparring & Continuous sparring, plus I qualified for the finals in Kata at the Canadian WKC National Championships! Just had to tell everyone!!!
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    I've always thought our Master Trainers were versatile. Congratulations and enjoy yourself. Nice to see one of us competing at such a high level in a non-water sport.

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    Default And WOW again !

    A bit late - but congratulations anyway, Marianne. Super job.
    ... Jacquie ...

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    Default Marianne is a double gold winner!!!

    This is what she wrote me -

    Hi everyone!
    I'm back from results: 2 Gold Medals for Points Fighting (2 different age groups) AND 1 Silver Medal in Continuous Fighting!!

    FYI, the website missed 2 of my events. Thank you so much for all your cheers & support! I could hear you from Dublin!

    Marianne Pacaccio

    PS she promised to give us more photo's and an article!!!
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