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  1. How to do Practical for Certification Assessment
  2. ... Hi, I would like to ask a few questions about the courses you offer
  3. I want to order the "Common Movement Disorder" certification
  4. I do not see the 20% discount
  5. On all your video's you always slice back to rest the muscle.
  6. How to work with people with fibromyalgia
  7. Need some info on Rheumatoid Arthritis
  8. What does open chain exercise in the pool mean?
  9. How to prevent bone loss?
  10. Special Populations
  11. Music Find- The Monkeys
  12. Name A Favourite Class or Program
  13. Look for some new AB exercises
  14. Join Us In Paradise Nov 5th
  15. It's for every www.waterart.org members...
  16. Silver Sneakers class choreography ideas?
  17. water depth and CV training
  18. Fibro class
  19. How to Charge for Extra Programs
  20. Fit Band Program With Cold Water
  21. Seeking equipment
  22. Working both muscles
  23. Does water fitness help bone density loss?
  24. Open Chain Excercise
  25. Dumbbells vs. Land Weights
  26. Where can I get balls for core work?
  27. Sit Ups In The Water?
  28. Certification Exam Question - help!
  29. Does 1 mile in H2O = 3 miles on land?
  30. Should kids use Dumbbells?
  31. Room mate wanted for the trip to Akumal October 24 - Nov 4
  32. Suggestions for Arthritis Program?!
  33. muscle conditioning -two moves in same set
  34. Dumbbell help
  35. What is the Ideal Water Depth?
  36. Flutter Kicks
  37. Water Running Program
  38. Back Programming
  39. What is Blueprint Design
  40. Getting Certified
  41. Why don't we count or have to use Music
  42. Mic Belt Suggestions?
  43. What Mat would you Recommend?
  44. Recommendation for Space
  45. Thumbs Up Breast Stroke
  46. seeking advice
  47. How Much Weight are we Using with Dumbbells?
  48. Pay scale- in ontario
  49. Sport Sandals
  50. How can I fit in more cardio for those that want a mostly cardio workout?
  51. Anyone had cortisone to Shoulder?
  52. Biomechanics - What is it
  53. Cancer Programs
  54. Dolphin Kick -
  55. Cycling DVD055- Buoyancy Belt ?
  56. What private clubs charge participants
  57. Julie- I am not a nutrionist.- Eating more Fat!
  58. Flex Paddles
  59. Travel with Intensity
  60. How to renew my certification
  61. How to Vary the Class Design
  62. Lumbar Spine question
  63. CARE OF SUITS - How Long Should suits last??
  64. Deep H20 Training
  65. Noodle Boot Camp - Closed Cell versus Open Cell Noodles