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WaterART Aquatic Fitness Certification
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WaterART Professional Membership-C
$75.00/ Year

or $65.00 for on-time WP renewal EVERY subsequent year (plus applicable shipping and taxes)

(for WP Renewal please log in WP in MY ACCOUNT section)

WP C Membership - Buoyancy Belt Kit


  • Two Pair WaterART Mitts (S, M, L, XL),
  • WaterART Buoyancy Belt,
  • WaterART Duffle Net   Bag
  • Membership DVD (you choose one of DVD029, DVD033, DVD066, DVD076, DVD077, DVD092, DVD096, DVD097DVD098 , DVD099)
  • Quarterly Newsletter (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter),
  • 20-25% Discount off all product purchases (depending on Certification level),
  • Registration Discounts,
  • Job Postings & Listings,
  • WP Members Only website (message board, video streaming, downloads etc.)
  • Members only message board
  • You always receive a  full year of benefits from join or renew date.

About the WaterART Buoyancy Belt:  

  • 82 cm length x 27 cm width x 4 cm thickness  with a 155 cm secure belt strap
  • 32  inches length  x 5 inches width  x 1.5 inches  thickness  & with a 62 inch secure belt strap)
  • EVA soft closed cell foam  for the most comfortable fit.
  • Adjustable belt strap so that participants may wear to secure good body alignment.
  • This belt may be utilized for a variety of waist sizes of participants (if a facility purchases for group exercise classes).
  • This belt is especially beneficial for those people who have extra built in buoyancy (more than 25% body fat).Often a jog belt is far too buoyant for the person with "extra" built in buoyancy. your floatability depends on lung capacity, comfort level, body fat and how much you want to work during your workout. Most people over age 40 have more buoyancy so they do not need to float away (i.e. cheat exercise).
  • Ideally a belt should hold your head out of the water so that you are at neck depth. Being too floaty or not a neck depth does not properly submerge and protect the shoulders and neck area.

    Note: Adding shoes will make the workout more challenging with a belt (because you must push shoes down into water and your feet have more surface area).

  • We do recommend wearing aquatic fitness mitts to secure good posture and balance. Note: Adding mitts will provide your arms /hands with more surface area so that you may balance the arms and the legs for better posture.

  • Belt strap is non elastic ( 55 cm /62 inches )

  • This key to a successful fit of a belt - is being able to pull the belt snug. This will prevent the belt from riding up on the body (which happens with an elastic strap)

if you are renewing your WP Membership prior to expiration, you must log into MY ACCOUNT section (which is located on the top right hand corner of this website.)

Your user name is email address and your password is whatever you have created OR please click forgotten password link and a temporary password is emailed to your private email address.

Please choose your size of Mitts
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