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WaterART Aquatic Fitness Certification
Aquatic Fitness Certification Registration
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#1550-190509-16.0 CEC Re-Certification Workshop

Date:Thursday & Friday, May 9 & 10, 2019


Facility: Westlock Recreation Centre

Location : 10450 106th St, Westlock, AB

Taught By :
Jarilyn Weaver

This is an excellent option to update your techniques and renew your qualifications. There are no exams and you review the fundamentals. You achieve 16.0 hours of continuing education hours AND automatic Certification renewal for two years from your expiration date. We invite you to bring any questions or program ideas that you need clarification on as we may easily fit this into the schedule. Should you not be able to attend the entire event, we will provide a take-home quiz and DVD to submit to re-qualify.

 Re-Certification Registration fees include:

  • 16 hrs of training (theory & pool time),

  • Updated Certification Diploma (for 2 years from your expiration date on existing diploma)

  • There are NO exams with this option,

  • 16.0 CECs for WaterART,

  • Candidates who have expired will be required to pay $20.00 late fee Click here to purchase this option online

  • This option is not available for candidates who have been expired for more then 1 year



  • Lunch or snack,

  • Water Fitness Wear or Bathing Suit(s),

  • Towel/cover up,

  • Pen, paper 

  • Water-shoes are preferred wear.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Re-Certification Process

How to Join Our WP Membership & Save

Please phone the office between 9:00- 4:00pm EST if you would like to purchase the WP membership with your order (as you cannot discount your own order)  1 -866 543 8938 (toll free).

Email Us if you have questions or need our help

Price in CAN Dollars

Early-bird WP Member Rate Regular WP Member Rate Early-bird Regular Rate Regular Rate
$249.00 $269.00 $269.00 $289.00
Early-bird price applies before: 2019-04-25
Product was added to our catalog on Sunday 24 April, 2011.
Available Options:
Registration Option:   
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Companion Events:
#100-190508 - Shallow & Deep H2O Instructor Certification

Date:Thursday & Friday, May 9 & 10, 2019
9 am- 5pm


Facility Westlock Recreation Centre

Location : 10450 106th St, Westlock, AB[ view map ]

Taught By :
Jarilyn Weaver

This program is the entry level program for learning how to teach a basic Aquatic Fitness class.
Whether you are new to the water, a lifeguard or just want to become an aquatic fitness Instructor - this is the program you should begin with. We will explore a variety of movements, techniques and basic body and working positions for both shallow & deep water depths. This intensive training will provide leaders with functional techniques to design safe and effective sessions for a variety of ages, fitness and skill levels. This foundation program will provide you with a complete overview of how to facilitate a safe, effective and enjoyable general group exercise program. You will experience both theory (classroom) and practical (pool) applications to build a well-balanced program which includes exercises to target the cardiovascular system as well as balance the body with stretching, posture and strengthening exercises. We will be facilitating practical assessment on the Sunday. Each candidate will put together a 30 minute class. We recommend reviewing your materials prior to the training. You will have up to four months after the training to complete the examination process-however, getting this done sooner is our goal. All exams and marking templates are in the manual. You may attend the Friday Kids workshp as part of the training fee.

Certification Registration fee includes:

  • New Shallow & Deep H20 Instructor Manual (417 pages)

  • 16 hours of lecture & pool time

  • Video streaming session

  • DVD064 Shallow & Deep H20

  • DVD072, Shallow H20 Splash (2 DVDs)

  • DVD098 Know your Aquatic Muscles

  • Laminated pool reference cards

  • Study Guide Questions & Answers

  • WaterART Certification Process (theory & practical)

  • Certificate of course completion

  • E-Certification diploma and online profile when successful with examination process.

 NOTE: Join our WP membership program and receive membership rate!

Certification Process: You have up to  six months  from your training date to complete both your theory and practical examinations (or sooner). 

How to Complete the Theory Exam Process:

 All Theory Examinations are completed online via our secure link.  Please request a link from our office when you are ready to take this exam a week in advance of taking the exam online at  info@waterart.org). The theory exam has 50 multiple choice questions (for 100 marks) with a lesson plan upload (100 marks).The online theory exam will need at least 2 hours to complete and submit. Candidates MUST prepare a 45-60 minute lesson plan  to be uploaded into the theory exam prior to submitting the form. Candidates will not be able to open and close the link nor resubmit the exam with the same link. In other words, candidates will have only one time to submit the theory exam. Each exam will be a randomized block of questions, unique for each candidate. Should a candidate not have internet or become very confused with multiple choice exams or technology, they may independently request our open-ended exam or an oral exam, which must be completed within 2 weeks of request. 
Please phone 1 866 543 8938 OR Please email us 

How to Complete the Practical Assessment:
The practical exam may be completed onsite with a Certified WaterART Master Trainer OR we may email you  a link to upload your video presentation as written out in your lesson plan (MOV or  MP4 files). The practical video may be done via several file uploads; however, you will need to label each file in a proper order so that the assessor may easily follow your presentation. Please film your practical video at the lowest or smallest quality file size (most compact file). You may upload up to 5 sections of video at 1GB each.  A video file larger than 1GBwill not be accepted. You may NOTupload a .zip file (compressed file). Practical exams (video upload) will be assessed AFTER theory exams are successful. The exception is when the candidate has prepared for an onsite practical assessment (reviewed the materials - video's, manual and study guide materials) with the Master Trainer, at the Master Trainer’s discretion. All other candidates must submit the theory exam FIRST, and, when successful, complete the practical assessment. For those candidates who do not have computers or are technology challenged: you may request an open-book exam and submit your practical exam via video file on a USB stick at the same time as the written submission.

Lesson plans (pdf or .docx files) should also be uploaded with the video submission. You may utilize the same or different lesson plan as the theory  lesson plan upload. 

CONTACT:  Joanna Dautel 


Please phone 1-866-543-8938 or email us  if you have any questions.


  • Lunch or snack,

  • Water Fitness Wear or Bathing Suit(s),

  • Towel/cover up,

  • Pen & paper 

  • Materials (if shipped in advance)

  • Water-shoes are preferred wear





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LC - All Laminated Card Booklet
LC - All Laminated Card Booklet
QZ046 Anatomy Theory - 8.0 hours of CEC's
QZ046 Anatomy Theory - 8.0 hours of CEC's
Buy 4 DVD's & Receive 8.0 CEC Quizzes Free
Buy 4 DVD's & Receive 8.0 CEC Quizzes Free
WaterART Anatomy Body Suit
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